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A peek inside your yacht charter in Indonesia


Looking to escape the winter in the northern hemisphere? With over 17,000 islands to cruise around in Indonesia, it can be hard to choose where to go! The best place to start is Raja Ampat…read on to see why!


After arriving in Indonesia a day or two before your yacht departs, you’ll join the captain and crew in Sorong. After taking a tour of your private oasis for the next week, the yacht will set sail for Misool and quickly learn why the cruising around here is second to none. Sparkling blue waters, and lush green islands are the only thing you see. Lunch is served alfresco by your private chef with a cold glass of white wine. A perfect start!

aerial shot of a lagoon in Indonesia


You wake in Misool and it’s already time to hit the water. Grab your diving equipment and get really up close and personal with the amazing range of sealife that calls this region home. Not PADI certified? That’s ok, most yachts offer the option of bringing an instructor onboard! Tired after a day playing in the sea, dinner will be ready and waiting for you when you get back onboard. But get changed and head for the foredeck where cold cocktails are waiting for you!


Today you have the option of heading for another dive or snorkel with the local green turtles in Sayang before taking the water toys for a spin after lunch. Another great day spent on the water!

underwater photo of scuba diver in Indonesia surrounded by fish and coral


No trip to Raja Ampat is complete without a hike in Wayag to get that infamous photo of the islands below you (see above!) A great opportunity to stretch your legs and explore the wildlife on land for a change. From above you can see your crew preparing another exquisite meal, this time in the formal dining room to make it a truly special evening.


Today you’ll head to the infamous “Passage” near Waigeo island where giant limestone cliffs tower above you and the water sparkles below you. Keep an eye out for the epaulette sharks that call this place home!


Today you’ll head back on land at the Arborek Village in Waisai to go bird watching. Not much of a birder? There’s always the chance to jump back in the water, play on the jetskis, paddleboard along the little islands, or deep dive and play with the local marine life. Tonight dinner is served privately on the beach for you and your guests – enjoy the sunset with a crisp glass or rose or cold beer. couple on beach in Indonesia with sailing yacht in background


Your last full day onboard in Indonesia will be spent near Jerief Island. If you want to fit in a little more diving, there’s a Japanese bomber sunk nearby you can spend the morning exploring. But maybe you’d like to take your final day, catching up on that book you brought, laying in the sun on the aftdeck? Your chef has prepared something extra special for your last dinner!


After arriving back in Sorong, it’s time to say goodbye to your captain and crew (until next time!). Like this itinerary for Indonesia? Book your vacation now! Or customize an itinerary to perfectly suit you and your guests!

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