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A true taste of the luxury yacht experience


Ever wonder what a luxury yacht vacation is really like? Looking to get a trust taste of the luxury yacht experience? Or to read about the many experiences we’ve talked about available in one place? Download your free copy of our Experiences Book where we showcase some of the most incredible opportunities that await you onboard.

Looking for a holiday away from the crowds, with only your closest friends or family? A luxury yacht vacation is the perfect socially distanced getaway you’ve been looking for!

Indonesian crew onboard Silolona showcase the luxury yacht experience

Privacy, freedom, adventure…A yachting vacation is like stepping into your own private nirvana. Get a sneak peek into a day in the life of one of these floating palaces and learn the secret to upgrading your own travel experiences!

We’ll show you what you can expect when you step aboard, why yachting works for travellers of all ages, and introduce you to the amazing crews who serve on these vessels.

The biggest secret you’ll learn is just how affordable and attainable this luxury yacht experience is – much more attainable than many people think.

Download your copy now, because life’s too short for ordinary vacations. Looking to get your travel plans in motion? Contact us to start planning!

Cover of the luxury yacht experience e-book with couple holding hands on the beach looking out at sea

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