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Bananas Foster on the beach with Nutella ‘Sand’


Mouthwatering bananas foster beautifully plated and garnished. Fit for dinner on a superyacht.

Contributed by: Chef Brandon Weiler

This dish was made famous back in the ‘50s at Commanders Palace in New Orleans. I have served many versions of it in the past and this is as fitting on a cruise as it gets, the sand is easy and clever and no one will know what it is!


1 jar Nutella
About 3 cups tapioca maltodextrin powder.
This can be ordered online, it’s cheap. You can also make olive oil powder to the same effect.
6 under-ripe bananas
1/2 stick butter
2/3 cup brown sugar
Pinch salt
1/4 cup Myers or other dark rum
Fresh-grated Nutmeg in a bowl with a spoon of vanilla ice cream for service


Nutella sand
Work the Nutella in a bowl a bit and begin adding maltodextrin one cup at a time while mashing it with a whisk. You will know when to stop when it looks like sand, probably more maltodextrin than you think. When placed on the tongue it dissolves back into Nutella instantly. Use this creatively for anything; it’s that easy.

Bananas Foster
Start with a pan on high heat and throw in your butter and brown sugar. When it’s melted and the sugar starts to break down, add your sliced bananas and toss in the pan for about a minute.

Now the fun part. Walk to your table (or can be done in the kitchen) and pour rum over bananas. Ignite with a lighter being very careful not to burn you or the vessel!

OPA! Sprinkle the nutmeg over while lit and it will toast and sparkle its way to the pan. Return to heat until a nice caramel forms, about two to three minutes.

If you plate on a saucer just spread the sand on the bottom to form a layer, place ice cream over, top with bananas and caramel and run them to your guests.


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