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 OceanScape Yachts is now the yacht expert for Boomer Travel Patrol! While not a specific article posted here, you can see weekly editorial from Todd over on their website. From destination guides to unbeatable experiences, to educational info on how to book a yacht trip (and truly make the most of your time onboard) this is an excellent place to find further info!

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You’ll find further info such as this:


?Rates for a yacht are very different than if you were booking passage on a cruise line. You’ll start with the “base rate” which is the cost to rent the yacht for a week (or whatever the prescribed time period is). In addition to the base rate, there are a number of other fees, which are additional and include taxes, fuel (for the yacht as well as any of the “toys” like jet skis and tender), food and drink provisioning, and crew tip. Base rates typically start at $45,000. Prices will be lower or higher based on the number of guests. The “extras” are traditionally 50 to 55% of the base rate. A good rule of thumb for calculating a “per person” cost for a yacht charter vacation is a $45,000 base rate charter will usually work out to around $8,500 per person, per week, based upon a group of 8 people chartering for one week including all accommodations on board the yacht, food and beverage on board, and activities. The crew gratuity is typically 10 to 20% depending upon the quality of service received and is included in the average per person figure noted above.”

Boomer Travel Patrol is a wealth of information for travellers 50 years and over but includes an abundance of tips and dream worthy destinations, regardless of age! If you have some spare time, please head to their website and check them out!

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