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Cameron Bray of Northrop & Johnson Yachts Talks Day Charters in Australia


I’m writing to you from a very cold and snow covered Canada. We just can’t seem to get enough of the white stuff these days!

As a result, I called on my good friend Cameron Bray of Northrop & Johnson Australia, and founder of Bray Yacht Management to help me take a mental escape to the land down under.

Read on for the latest on chartering in Australia and the South Pacific, the best destinations to see and enjoy this mini break to warmer climes with us!

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What are the top regions for cruising in Australia and the South Pacific right now?

Over the Australian summer, the vast majority of yachts focus on the cosmopolitan hub of Sydney. With the New Years eve fireworks display the  focal point, we see a concentration of Australian charter yachts along with some of the worlds largest superyachts visiting to experience the spectacular sights.

The Great Barrier Reef is always popular, whilst it may be a little too warm for the domestic market to spend time there, the northern hemisphere enjoy temperatures in the mid to high 30’s, as it’s a welcome escape from their winter.

Australia is renowned for its day charter market – why do you think they are so popular?

Australia is quite unique by having a burgeoning day charter market, probably the largest day charter market globally. The world’s best natural harbour, Sydney, along with places like the Whitsundays, are all easily accessible to charter guests for day charters.

We see yachts being used for corporate events, product launches, and significant birthdays or weddings. It allows guests the opportunity to live like a superyacht owner for a day, at a fraction of the cost. We’ve seen Rolls Royce’s on helipads, Grey Goose with water slides, etc.

It’s also a great way for guests to experience the yachts they prefer. We’ve seen clients start off with a day charter, then a week in Fiji, then a week in Greece. It’s a great entry point to charter.

What is the average type of charter you are seeing at the moment?

We see charters anywhere from one day to two weeks and more.

Whilst there is  a big focus on day charter, international guests will, on average, spend three to five nights on a yacht as part of their “Australian highlights” tour, which might be two to three weeks.

We also see Some American clients chartering a yacht for one month in the Great Barrier Reef as a mothership for Black Marlin game fishing.

Always fantastic hearing from you Cam – enjoy the sunshine for us!

To see some of the yachts Northrop & Johnson has available, head over to the Australia section on our yachts page.

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