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Il Capo Captain and his Love of the Sea


I hope you have been enjoying the start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere – happy to report we’ve been able to spend some time out on the water and it feels good to be back! This week we’re on the bridge again with a new Captain interview from Michael Lewis onboard Il Capo.

captain bridge on a yacht
The bridge on Il Capo

What is your current role and how long have you been in the superyacht industry? 

I came down to Ft Lauderdale in 2000 and started walking the marina docks and shipyards looking for any work I could possibly do.  It wasn’t very long before I got on my first full-time boat and starting accruing the sea time needed to become a Captain.  I have been a Captain for the last ten years and love everyday and its new challenges. Never a dull moment at sea.  “If it’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen out there” –  Captain Ron

What is your favourite destination and why?

There are so many beautiful places I have seen in my travels.  I love being close to the Bahamas.  The waters are like being in a huge swimming pool.  The Exumas Cays in the central Bahamas are very majestic with many places to anchor with beautiful views. Compass Cay is probably my favourite cay in the Bahamas.  You can swim in a natural aquarium in the marina with nurse sharks and many other wildlife.  This helps people get over the fear of sharks.

Easy to see why the Bahamas is such a favourite Michael! Thanks as well to Denison Yacht Sales for the interview!
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