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Captain Tony Borg’s Guide to Yachting Italy’s Amalfi Coast


When we caught up with Captain Tony Borg onboard the yacht Firefly, we asked the same question we ask everyone: what’s your favourite destination? While most people name one or two ideal getaway spots, we were pleasantly surprised when Captain Tony’s answer amounted to a detailed itinerary for a dream trip to Italy’s Amalfi Coast. Check it out Tony's guide to Italy below!

“My favourite destination has to be the Amalfi coast and Naples area. I have been going annually for the past four years and it is a wonderful place to be with so many places to visit in these areas and not a lot of travelling to do in between.

“While Amalfi is a beautiful place to be, there is also Positano with a pretty bay to anchor and also a wonderful view with plenty of colourful buildings and some great restaurants.

side view of the Amalfi coast

“Just a few miles away I have to mention Capri, an icon for western Italy which hundreds of boats visit each year. The walk around Capri is amazing with a nice beach and pretty good restaurants, one to mention is Lemon Trees!”

“In the Gulf of Naples, I can’t forget Sorrento with high cliffs and a pretty comfortable marina.

silhouette of man and woman at sunset walking amongst shops in Naples, Italy

“Naples is the best place in this area for the guests who like shopping at high-end retailers, while the marina is also pretty good for calm seas. 

“Just about 20 miles away from Naples there is Procida with pretty bays to anchor, but not a lot to do on land. 

cliff side in the Amalfi coast with turquoise seas

“Just about five to eight miles away there is Ischia which is a very nice island with pretty beaches, and I must mention the Thermal Baths on Ischia which most of my guests will visit.

“Last but not least about 60 to 70 miles north from Ischia there is Ponza which has one of the best beaches I have ever been to, it is called Chiaia di Luna: crystal clear water with plenty of shallows for guests who don’t like deep seas.” 

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