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Catching up with Ricardo Araujo on the Podcast!


You may remember today’s guest from the podcast over two years ago. Ricardo Araujo of Ariodante Travel is back to update us on the market trends he is seeing in luxury travel and how traveller’s appetites have changed after the pandemic. It’s interesting to sit down and chat as Ricardo was one of the first guests we had as the world shut down at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and now he is back as the world is finally (and confidently) starting to reopen once again!

Currently based in France, Ricardo and his team continues to dream up the seemingly impossible for their clients. While travel certainly took a hit in the last two years, travel is hotter than ever as people have grown more comfortable to the new norms and are looking to make up for lost time!

Enjoy the episode below and please don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe on iTunes and Google Podcasts!

ricardo araujo smiling in front of green door

Tune in as we chat about:

  • A brief re-introduction to Ricardo’s company, Ariodante Travel and how his background in classical music, led to speciality luxury travel experiences
  • A window into the many opportunities Ariodante can offer when it comes to travel planning
  • Just a few of the many destinations Ricardo loves to visit
  • Be sure to check out their website for all of their latest info and links to their social media channels.

Thanks again to Ricardo for this great chat! Go ahead and have a listen below now! Please don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe on iTunes and Google Podcasts!

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