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Celebrate special moments in privacy and luxury on a yacht


With a renewed focus on intimate and private travel for the foreseeable future, nothing is more intimate and tailored to your needs than a yacht vacation. Whether you’re looking to celebrate As a wedding, honeymoon, anniversary or birthday, a luxury yacht simply cannot be surpassed. A special events yacht charter offers you not only a glamorous event venue, but also ultra-luxury accommodation, effortless exotic travel, action-packed watersports and activities, and a private chef and 7-star personal staff.

Imagine being married on a superyacht, before heading off on a honeymoon straight out of a Conde Nast film shoot. Or surprising your wife with a glittering French Riviera yacht charter for your silver wedding anniversary, throwing an epic 50th birthday bash with a live band on the yacht’s sundeck, or celebrating your child’s 10th birthday with a Caribbean yachting adventure of treasure hunts and watersports. The memories made on a special event yacht charter are unlike any other celebration on earth.

A luxury yacht charter is private, secluded, and utterly, dreamily luxurious, with a backdrop that any other wedding or party venue would kill for: perhaps the emerald seas and whitewashed villages of Greece, a sugar-white beach with coconut palms in the South Pacific, or the towering cliffs and grand hotels of Monte Carlo. And unlike a traditional party venue like a hotel or resort, on a special events yacht charter, your view changes every single day, as you wake up in your stateroom to another blissful day in yachting paradise.

With a luxury yacht charter, imagine just how special your special moments could be.

Spectacular Wedding Yacht Charters

Close up black and white photo of bride details, holding flowers with shawl over shoulders.

Get married or renew your vows on the deck of a superyacht, flowers floating around the yacht in deep blue water, wedding dress white against the sparkling sea. A wedding yacht charter is only limited by your imagination – do you want to marry anchored off a tropical island in the Maldives, beneath the stunning cliffs of the Amalfi coast, or floating through the sapphire waters of the Bahamas? Do you want to turn up to your wedding in a luxurious limousine tender, or do you want to take this thing futuristic by arriving in a personal submarine, or an amphibious jeep driven from the beach?

When it comes time for the reception, the yacht’s stunning interior is the perfect place for a buffet of delicacies and some speeches before the party starts in earnest. There’s a yacht décor for every taste, from the sheer opulence of gold, marble, and dripping chandeliers, right through to airy, ultra-modern spaces of designer furniture and striking contemporary art. The yacht can be decorated as you like it, with your wedding planner and florist co-ordinating with the yacht’s captain and crew.

There are a few things to know about getting married on a superyacht that will impact your planning.

Guest numbers

Most yachts only have the license to carry 12 guests while cruising, which will limit the size of your wedding party if you want to hold the ceremony offshore. However, you can have many more guests onboard if you elect to have your ceremony and reception in port. Some couples opt for an intimate wedding ceremony at anchor with close family, before returning to port for the party of a lifetime across the yacht’s decks with all their friends. Imagine your wedding reception in the port of Monaco, Miami, Saint Tropez or Saint Barts! Alternatively, there are a number of yachts that carry commercial passenger licenses so you can have larger parties onboard while cruising.


Be aware of the legalities of getting married on a yacht overseas. For instance, in France, you must get married at the town hall before you can have a private ceremony, while in Greece you must be in the country for a week prior to the ceremony. As for who can perform the ceremony, don’t fall for that old fiction perpetuated by The Love Boat that the yacht’s captain can legally marry you. It’s not the case and the ceremony won’t be legally binding – although there are a few private yacht captains out there who are certified to perform marriages.

And of course, renting a yacht for your wedding ceremony means that when it’s time to embark on your honeymoon, you just wave goodbye to family and friends from deck as your yacht floats away into the kind of honeymoon that dreams are made of.

Blissful Honeymoon Yacht Charters

brunette newlywed couple kissing with the sun behind them, holding hands on the bow of a boat

A honeymoon yacht charter is ideal for lovebirds who want to see exotic places and create memories of beauty, fun, and wonder in their first week of married life together. Get settled in your master suite filled with flowers, lying on the palatial bed and planning your life together as you gaze out the windows at endless views of sky and sea. Spend your honeymoon relaxing in the yacht’s Jacuzzi, having candlelit dinners on the deck and luxury picnics on secluded beaches. Shop in the designer boutiques of glamorous ports, and spend happy, sunlit days on the yacht’s water toys – getting your adrenaline up on the Jet Skis, or taking a leisurely kayak along a tropical coast.

The crew are always there to take care of you, with the captain proposing itineraries and activities, the deckhands teaching you watersports, the private chef dishing up course after course of exceptional food, and the stewardesses serving you elegant meals and ensuring your stateroom is spotless. While always ready to serve, the yacht’s professional crew are wonderfully discrete and inconspicuous so that you can enjoy this time together.

On a honeymoon yacht charter, everything is effortless. A honeymoon in a luxury hotel requires that you have to travel from the hotel on day trips to see different places – perhaps even moving hotels as you take regional flights between tropical Caribbean islands, or drive in heavy summer traffic along the French Riviera. With a yacht, the world’s finest luxury hotel travels with you from place to place, sparing you any thoughts of traffic or check-ins, unpacking or repacking. Just sit back and let the captain and crew organize everything, as you laze about on a deckchair admiring the scenery drift past you before arriving in the next exquisite place.

candlelit jacuzzi on bow of large catamaran at dusk

Could there be a better way to begin married life than onboard a honeymoon yacht charter? And for those couples expecting a baby, can you imagine a more perfect babymoon than being pampered on a superyacht?

Special Anniversary Yacht Charters

Luxury yachts are incredibly romantic, and they’re the ideal vacation option to mark a milestone anniversary or re-invigorate your marriage. Imagine waking up to find the crew has decorated the yacht with flowers while you slept to mark your special day, before wandering out to a breakfast of pancakes, French toast with strawberries, and fresh-baked croissants on deck.


Black couple smiling at camera while man gives the woman a piggy back ride with sun behind them

Shop for a special gift in a lovely boutique in the port, book in for a couple’s massage at a luxury spa, or just spend a blissful day at anchor, swimming and laughing and enjoying each other’s company, before indulging in a candlelit dinner under the stars. Why not get the yacht’s chef to recreate your wedding menu and dance on deck to your wedding song?

On an anniversary yacht charter, you’re totally relaxed and utterly carefree of the chores and concerns of married life on land. This is your time and your private space to reconnect.

Anniversaries are not only about looking back at your lives together, they’re about making new and incredible memories to remember for the rest of your lives together. The yacht’s captain is a local expert at planning itineraries and will come to you each day to suggest amazing things to do in the area-whether that’s taking a helicopter flight over a volcano to a jungle waterfall, horse riding on the beach, or diving with sea turtles and manta rays in crystal clear waters.

underwater photo of turtle with exotic fish in the background

By the time you finish your anniversary yacht charter, you’ll go home with a lifetime of memories.

Epic Birthday Yacht Charters

No matter what age they are, they’re going to be thrilled with a birthday on a superyacht.

Imagine throwing a pirate-themed yacht party in the Caribbean for your son, he and his friends bombing down the yacht’s waterslide and following an amazing treasure hunt set up by the crew.

Or perhaps you’d like to throw a surprise 50th party on a yacht in Manhattan for your husband, or an exclusive event on a yacht in the Hamptons for your daughter’s 21st? Picture the Jacuzzi bubbling, the champagne flowing, and the DJ or live band playing, everyone dancing on the sundeck as the night wears on.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be a birthday, yachts are great for all kinds of celebrations, from college graduation parties to giving mum a treat for Mother’s Day.

Planning considerations

If you’re planning to have lots of guests on board, the same passenger license generally applies as for wedding charters, with a 12 person limit while cruising offshore, but much more generous numbers allowed while the yacht is in port. Some of the most epic superyacht parties in history have been thrown in port, such as Microsoft founder Paul Allen’s Midsummer Night’s Dream extravaganza during the Cannes Film Festival. You could take a note out of his book and throw a themed party never to be forgotten, such as a Great Gatsby party, or an Alice in Wonderland event.

two yacht stews smiling in fancy dress for a themed cocktail night onboard

A yacht party held in port also makes the party much easier and less costly to organize, as the logistics of bringing food and guests onboard are much simpler when the yacht is tied to the dock. You’ll also need to consider the weight restrictions of the yacht if planning for live band entertainment.

Whether tying the knot on a superyacht, floating off into the sunset for your honeymoon, celebrating a special wedding anniversary, or throwing an epic superyacht birthday bash for a loved one, a special events yacht charter is the ultimate way to celebrate life’s special moments. Contact us to find out more about planning a special event yacht charter that you will remember forever.

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