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Famed Chef Michel Thomann chats with us!


Have you started to notice a theme around here? One of our favourite parts of the luxury yacht experience has to be the food! So we were incredibly lucky that famed luxury chef Michel Thomann took a few minutes to sit down with us recently to talk not only about food but why it is such a big part of his life. Enjoy!

You’ve been a chef for a number of decades now – how did you get started?

Following my degree in culinary school from Joseph Stork in France, I’ve worked a number of years in the luxury realm and eventually moved into yachting based all over the world on yachts under 100 feet to those over 200! I am currently a Master Chef, owner of Face restaurant in south Florida, am still working on yachts and am the official French Ambassador for gastronomie foods in the world.

What attracted you to the world of luxury yachts? Why do you think yacht charter is so special?

In a charter the chef must be ready to cook all kinds of dishes in the world for a range of guests with different likes, allergies and aversions. They must be ready to do all the breakfasts, lunches, dinners and must make the customers dreams come true. So much of the experience comes from that so part of my job is to be a magician! 

Do you have a favourite place to visit and one you could recommend to guests looking for amazing culinary experiences?

Europe – without a doubt. The Mediterranean is one of my favourite places to visit for the melting pot of options – Italy, Greece, France, etc not just for the incredible food but the wine, history, and so much more!

Thanks Michel! Be sure to check him out on Instagram for many more of his spectacular creations!
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