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Check out these soundbites from the Crew Coach


Hey, did you tune in to our podcast episode with the Crew Coach, Karine Rayson? Well in case you missed it, you can catch the full-length interview here, and we’re including a few soundbites below for you! If you are involved in the luxury yacht sphere at all, you’ve likely bumped into Karine at a boat show or tuned in to her excellent social posts on mental well being and lifting each other up in this crazy world!

Karine Rayson wearing glasses and smiling in front of green background

How did you become the Crew Coach in the superyacht world?

I got into the industry almost 10 years ago, where I was living in Australia but went back to my home country of South Africa with the decision to travel but somehow make more money (instead of less!) while doing so.

While I was out in town, I kept meeting people who were in this luxury yacht world so I decided to look into it and ultimately do my training in Cape Town. Prior to this though I had a degree in Psychology so I eventually decided to join these two passions in mental health and yachting. The original creator of the Crew Coach was stepping down so I took over the company and the rest is history!

What are some of the biggest changes you’ve seen in yachting since you joined?

The biggest shift I’ve seen is the power of social media. I think what is happening is that the crew are becoming more empowered. They’re realizing that they can make a bigger impact or find the right tools to leverage their goals too just by the power of their online network.

I think because we’re all so spread apart too – yachting by nature means people are constantly changing locations and never staying in one place long, that we can feel disconnected and isolated so this has been a huge help for crew to feel like they belong.

Do you have a favourite place in the globe you like to escape to?

Bali is my absolute favourite place in the world and I just love the lifestyle and vibe and sunshine there…it’s so close to Australia too so easy to get to for me! But my other big bucket list destination is French Polynesia. I’ve wanted to go for years and it’s still sitting on my vision board…one day!

Thanks again for spending some time with us again Karine! Check Lauren out on Instagram here and her website! Don’t forget to listen to the whole episode here and subscribe on iTunes and the Google Play Store! While there, why not pop us a quick review too?
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