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Travel Talk with the Cruise Director on Dunia Baru


Today on the blog, we are daydreaming about our next vacation goals! Have a virtual escape with us right now to Dunia Baru where we get to chat to the Cruise Director, Sebastien about his experiences onboard in Indonesia!

Aerial of Dunia Baru sailing yacht in Indonesia

What is your current role and how long have you been working in the superyacht industry?

The role as a cruise director combines the responsibilities of a hotel manager for a boat and a tour guide, given that this particular five-star floating 'hotel' is able to travel around. I plan itineraries in the different regions we are sailing and make sure that the guest experience onboard is always unique and unforgettable.

Dunia Baru's itineraries are not just about the destination the yacht travels to but all of the activities related to each location and day. Depending on guest wishes, this can range from beach days and BBQs, to watersports and diving, to cultural exploration and visits to regional highlights.

What is your favourite destination and why?

The Banda Islands in Indonesia are my favourite. Firstly, because of the splendour of the location. They are very secular islands; a haven of peace in the middle of a rough ocean, and the centre point of the Spice Route. These islands have been some of the most coveted on earth for centuries. The atmosphere is very unique there. It is a really relaxed place, with friendly locals and colonial architecture, right at the base of an active volcano. And, beside being purely beautiful, it also happens to be a top spot for diving.

What are your favourite toys to play with onboard?

A dive tank. Even better: two dive tanks with a sidemount harness.

If you could only choose one thing that makes a superyacht charter so special, what would it be and why?

Just imagine a five-star wooden cocoon able to sail the ocean, bringing you from one beautiful destination to the other one, traveling remote regions almost inaccessible by any other means, while being taken care of by the most dedicated and friendly crew you have ever met, eating the finest food prepared by a very talented chef. The "one thing" onboard Dunia Baru is the incomparable combination of all these elements.

Thanks again for taking some time to chat with us Sebastien!

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