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Destination Spotlight on Saint Vincent and the Grenadines


Deep in the south of the Caribbean Sea you will find a quiet paradise under the waving coconut palms as you cruise between the glorious islands of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines on your luxury yacht charter. In the Grenadines you’ll find brightly painted shacks selling curried conch and local spiced rum, and steel bands playing on the beach in the moonlight. It’s a place of violent red sunsets and anchorages so crystal clear that you can see the pink coral and the conch shells sitting on the sea floor far below.

As you cruise on your yacht through the Grenadines, rocky volcanic islands rise from the water, covered in thick rainforest. Waterfalls thunder deep in the interior and plantations of banana and spice line the lush green hills. The beaches go on and on in this perfect paradise, the jungle meeting the sea in a blinding stretch of sugar-white sand and coconut palms bending low over sapphire waters.

In Grenada you’ll find open air markets selling exotic fruits and hessian bags of fragrant spices and tropical flowers dripping in the sunshine after a sudden Caribbean downpour. Children run in the streets with big white smiles, and painted fishing boats bob in pretty harbours, coconuts washing up on the shores.

You’ll find uninhabited islands protected by a horseshoe reef in the Tobago Cays, where you can swim with turtles or kayak through the gorgeous scenery made famous in the films The Pirates of the Caribbean. Dive among the coral and conch shells, and ride horses along the beach, their hooves kicking spray in the air as they gallop through the surf.  Spend your days lying on a deckchair reading, wakeboard across wide empty bays or hike to the top of forested mountains to enjoy the view.

Visit the old whaling island of Bequia and cruise past the beautiful celebrity homes of Mustique. Be sure to spend some time on Salt Whistle Beach, visit the waterfalls on Grenada and dive at Isle de Ronde, where you’ll find an underwater volcano, giant drop-offs and caverns that glisten with quartz and giant stalactites. Back on land, while away an afternoon sitting on a cane chair on the shaded verandah of an old colonial hotel, enjoying the afternoon breeze rising off the water and looking across the green lawn where old black cannons point out to sea, a reminder of the days when pirates and the French and British navy battled over these islands.

Set sail to find a deserted beach where your yacht chef will roast fresh-caught lobster on the coals, served with lashings of melted butter and lemon juice and a crisp glass of white wine at an elegant white cloth table on the sand. Or you can head to one of the luxury resorts for some pampering, fine dining and some world-class golfing.

On your yacht charter, you can spend long lazy nights sitting on deck in the warm night air, looking up at the stars from the bubbling Jacuzzi, or playing cards at the table by candlelight as the yacht powers quietly through the night to the next beautiful destination. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is wonderfully unspoilt and perfect for the luxury yacht charterer who wants to return to nature in a tranquil island paradise.

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