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Windward Islands


The Windward Islands

Contributed by: Jo Morgan

In the Windward Islands, lush green mountains rise over beaches where brightly painted fishing boats rest on soft sands under the palms. As your yacht floats southwards on your Windward Islands luxury yacht charter, the landscape becomes more mountainous, the jungle gets deeper, and the reefs below teem with extraordinary life. Time feels slower here in the southern Caribbean Sea, a yachting experience more remote, more mysterious and (dare I say) more authentically charming than the more developed Caribbean islands.

A Windward Islands yacht charter might begin with the Parisian cafes and boutiques of French Martinique, or taking a walk through colourful market stalls piled high with tropical fruit and flowers. On a Martinique yacht charter you can anchor your yacht in a pristine bay surrounded by rolling green hills and dive off into the crystal clear waters to explore the vibrant reefs below. As the sun sets, the smell of French Creole cooking fills the night air and music starts to play in sophisticated lounge bars overlooking the silvery sea.

St Lucia
Who can ever forget waking one morning to the sight of the Pitons in Saint Lucia-those extraordinary volcanic crags rising from deep blue waters, thin ribbon of sugar-white sand running around the water’s edge. Thick rainforest and sparkling waterfalls beckon nature lovers to the interior, while luxury resorts dot the coastline offering massages and swinging hammocks, the smell of jasmine and frangipani floating on the afternoon breeze. St Lucia is one of the top yachting spots of the Caribbean, offering a staggering beauty, fine dining, and a quiet pace of life.

In Barbados, British red post boxes and old black cannons stand sentry by the sea, and ceiling fans spin lazily in colonial hotels with wide verandas and staff dressed in crisp white. Off the coast, sails snap and billow across the bay, as yachts race around rocky cliffs and wide sandy beaches where coconut palms bend down over the turquoise sea. Old plantations and sugar mills sit on green lawns overlooking the water, and local rum distilleries brew their famous liquor of molasses and local spice.

St Vincent and the Grenadines
In the Grenadines, plantations of banana and spice lie deep in the jungle, and colourful markets are held in village squares under church spires where everyone gathers to sing and dance in their Sunday best. In Bequia and Mustique, the blinding white sand beaches and desert island feel attract the superyacht set, who drop anchor off coral atolls and dive and snorkel in shallow, sunlit water and eat lobster in elegant restaurants under the palms.

Trinidad & Tobago
Further south in Trinidad, calypso music and carnivals fire up the night, with jump-ups and steel bands on moonlit beaches and festival processions marching through the streets. On the eco-tourism island of Tobago things are quieter, with glorious deserted beaches and perfect anchorages, while protected rainforest and marine parks create a haven for world class diving and birdwatching. In Tobago, nature reigns supreme.

Diving in the Windward Islands
The Windward Island chain is a world born of volcanoes, and the dramatic scenery you see rising all around is mirrored under the sea’s surface, where rivers of lava flows have slowed and cooled upon meeting the ocean, creating an underwater wonderland of fantastical, tumbling shapes, spires and drop offs and underwater passages. The mineral rich waters attract an abundance of life such as sea turtles, sharks, manta rays, whales and dolphins in great numbers, and the multitude of wreck dives make the Windward Islands a diver’s dream.

Your Windward Islands Yacht Charter
On your luxury yacht charter in the Windward Islands, float between the peaks of sunken volcanoes and walk along blinding white sand beaches where the clear waters lap at your feet and glimmer with reflected light. Wander through white-painted villages, red roofs and church spires clustered in the jungle by a startlingly blue sea, and shop at local markets and designer boutiques. Whether you seek the glamour of Mustique, the awe inspiring beauty of St Lucia or the vibrant culture of Trinidad, a Windward Islands yacht charter is a life-changing experience where the colour and light will never be forgotten.

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