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Meet Deckhand Devon Hunt onboard Luxury Yachts!


Welcome to the weekend friends! I hope you had a great week and are looking forward to some time off over the weekend. This week we are heading back onboard to chat with deckhand Devon Hunt. After three years in the luxury yacht industry, Devon decided to head back to school and obtain his OOW unlimited ticket. But enough from me, read on more from Devon!

selfie of young male deckhand smiling with sea and coastline in background

How long have you been in yachting and what is your current role?

I grew up on the water: I spent almost every weekend, holiday, spring break and after school hours at the yacht club beach with my friends doing anything we could to keep ourselves busy. We would go fishing, spearfishing, surfing, working on boats or just chilling and it was during this time I developed a passion for the ocean and set a goal to never work an office job but to rather spend as much time on the ocean as I could. So I started looking at courses for college and somehow stumbled upon some info about yachting and thought it could be awesome doing the stuff I read about so I looked into it more and then eventually did my courses and hit Antibes running. Got loads of day work in the beginning of the season and then eventually got a contract.

Now I am back at school doing my cadetship in the UK to obtain my OOW unlimited ticket and then I plan on returning to the industry as a 2nd officer. I was in the industry for three years on three different vessels. I was a deckie/ watersports instuctor on all three. I was on the first vessel (50m Codecasa) for a year and a half and then jumped to an 81m Feadship for more of a challenge. Once the crew found out about my passion for fishing, I was put in charge of all the fishing gear and did all the fishing with guests. After a very busy year on board I then took a few months to travel and during this time I was contacted by my first Captain, who wanted me to join him on a 65m Codecasa and help run the deck.

young man in sunglasses smiling holding up very large fish on yacht in the sea

What do you like to do during your downtime at sea?

On my downtime I enjoy watching movies, calling the family, fishing if possible and if I can get off the boat then I enjoy sightseeing and exploring the luxurious places we get to stop off in. I used to dream of seeing some of the places that I have fortunately been able to experience only through my short yachting career and it’s that reason that I cannot wait to get back to it.

Any favourite corners of the globe you can share with our followers?

I would say my favourite cruising destination would have to be Croatia. Island hopping every other day, being able to tie up to trees close to the shore and the amazing picturesque old towns make for a really great summer destination!

You can find Devon on Instagram here.

Thanks so much again to deckhand Devon for his time!

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