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Discover the Coral Triangle with Sequoia


We were so excited to sit down with one of our newest yacht partners - the owners of privately chartered, Sequoia. Based in the Coral Triangle of Indonesia, she is ready to accommodate four guests in intimate, luxurious settings. Read on for the interview now!

Can you share the best-kept secrets of Indonesian cruising - is there a particular region that is budding or location that someone just can’t miss?

Raja Ampat, Indonesia, just south of the equator, is a hidden archipelago of some of the most beautiful uninhabited islands in the world. Our oceans are facing a serious threat from increasing population leading to over-fishing as well as increasing CO2 emissions. The resulting acidification of the seawater causes coral bleaching which is devastating much of the earth’s reefs.

Fortunately, the reefs in and around Raja Ampat have yet to be affected by these threats. It is considered by many to be the most beautiful reefs on earth. Scientific research that has been conducted by The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and Conservation International (CI) has shown that Raja Ampat is home to 533 coral species 75% of world coral species, 1,437 reef fish species, 700 species of mollusk including 7 species of giant clam. It is a destination like no other. Raja Ampat has it all.

What do you think is the beauty of cruising on a smaller yacht?

With 10 professional crew members including a cruise director to serve four guests, all your needs will be taken care of in a private and intimate setting. We understand that each guest is different and therefore, we craft a specific safari that will meet your family’s needs. Your choice of activities and interests will help define your safari whether it is venturing out to sea or relaxing across from a majestic island. Witness something truly majestic with those that you most love. It is priceless.

aerial yacht by island in Indonesia
Why do you believe chartering a yacht really is the best way to explore this region?

Indonesia is comprised of more than 17,000 islands contained within an area eight times the size of the UK. The most beautiful beaches and most exciting dive sites are only accessible by sea. One limiting factor in being able to experience this seascape wonderland is travel logistics. It is remote and vast with undeveloped infrastructure.

Therefore, the ultimate mode of transportation is sailing on a luxury yacht. Rather than staying one remote resort, which will limit your experience to a small area, your horizon can change each day as you travel between these pristine islands.

Thanks so much Yessi and Kevin! For a little sneak peek, check out this video of Sequoia:

To learn more about chartering Sequoia, please click here and to read about the destination of Indonesia, check this out.

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