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Dunia Baru’s Philanthropic Legacy


For this week's blog post, I'm bringing an update over to you on one of our fabulous yachts, Dunia Baru who announced in the spring that owner, Mark Robba, would be investing in a Learning Centre in Raja Ampat, Indonesia. I spoke to Mark for an update on the project and their philanthropic legacy they hope to create and am excited to share it with you below!

Dunia Baru yacht under way
You chose Saundarek village because of the personal attachment; of the 17 other villages you mention, are there ones that are perhaps more desperate than others that you’d like to see people get involved with first? 

Raja Ampat has three major sections - North Raja Ampat which is Wayag Region, Central Raja Ampat which is Waisai Region and Southern Raja Ampat which includes  Missol Region.  Our idea is to initially build one learning centre in each region! Based on discussion with the Provincial Government of Raja Ampat - they would like to see the next learning centre built in the Southern Region, around Missol.

How do you foresee the legacy charters working exactly?

There has been a marked move towards experiential travel across the board in the luxury travel sector, and this has increasingly come to also incorporate a desire to give something back to the areas and communities that people visit. The idea of a legacy charter on Dunia Baru will be that guests can pledge to build a learning centre of their own and build a connection with the village, villagers and area during their charter.

We are very flexible working on the legacy charters - depending on the client's wishes and desires. The basic framework would be that as a part of their charter, guests would travel to the village, meet the locals, see where the centre would be built and learn about the impact it will make on the community. During their charter they will do all the things you expect from a luxury charter – visit deserted beaches, go snorkelling on pristine reefs, hike up hillsides for epic views, sip champagne while the sun sets etc – and they will feel an even closer bond to the area and the people because of the impact the learning center will have on teaching conservation and helping the locals protect their environment and livelihoods. Dunia Baru would give a $10,000 discount on a 7-day or more charter with every $20,000 contribution.

people on beach shaking hands

Owner Mark Robba meeting with village leaders and government officials, along with renowned Balinese designer Popo Danes (image courtesy of Indo Yachts)

What will your involvement be once the centre is completed?

Dunia Baru plans to be involved in a long-term basis, assisting with the maintenance of the Learning Centres and also in coordination of “educators” to visiting the Learning Centres to help teach the villagers conservation and environmental sustainability. We will also create programs around other subjects, like cooking, with the aim of helping villagers improve the quality and performance of local home-stays, a key aspect of tourism in the area.

Can you share a bit more about the design with Popo Danes?

The design of the Centre, guided by Popo Danes, is first based on sustainability – the desire is to use local materials. Secondly, the majority of the labour will be provided by the local villagers – we want them to have a sense of ownership to help ensure the long term viability of the Centre. We also want the design and craftsmanship to showcase local skills and traditional building methods. Solar power will also be a key feature as we want the Centre to have an environmentally friendly footprint.

little girl looking out to yacht on the sea

Can you elaborate a bit on the commitment to sustainability and preservation during the project?

We plan to build these centres extremely consciously. This is an incredible part of the world with a delicate eco-system and precious materials. We will use local materials, building methods (the four centre support column will be traditionally carved, for example) and teams for the construction, avoiding any endangered or unsustainable materials.

For more information about how you can get involved please don't hesitate to reach out! For the full press release, please click here.
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