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Earthquake Relief for Lombok


This week’s blog is extra special. We love being able to share what our captains, crew, yacht partners and industry experts are up to, especially when it involves giving back to those in need. As you may have noticed on social media, Dunia BaruIndo Yachts37 South Yachts and many more were involved in delivering urgently needed supplies to those affected by earthquakes in Lombok.

Dunia Baru yacht filled with earthquake relief items

Following a series of earthquakes in Lombok throughout the month of August that left nearly 500 people dead, and thousands of homes, and lives destroyed, the owner of Dunia Baru, Mark Robba knew something had to be done to help. “The amount of devastation exceeded my expectations” Robba commented. Joined by fellow partner, Nikko Karki and Indo Yachts, 37 South Yachts, Black Tomato, and the Military Police, the team was able to deliver much needed supplies to villages rendered inaccessible following the damage.

When the pleas went out – donations started pouring in from around the world. Along with the yacht being loaded with supplies, Dunia Baru’s crew working around the clock to cook and feed everyone (over 500 fresh hot meals in two days!) they also delivered a total of eight truckloads of supplies across the region.

people on beach organizing donations for earthquake relief

We spoke to both Robba and Karki recently for an update on how the locals are coping a few weeks on.

“As yacht owners, I strongly believe that we are in a fortunate position to be able to use our yachts as a platform to help those in need and make a difference in the areas we cruise in” Robba shares. “It was special and important for me that my seven-year-old son Colby joined us for this relief trip to Lombok. I want him to be a citizen of the world, to understand the importance of helping others and his role in leaving the world better than he found it.”

While Karki donated a wheelchair his mother was no longer using, he recently received a photo of the elderly woman who was desperate for it. “The joy on her face and the video of her and her family getting her a tool for moving her around really hit home. It gave me a feeling of how we need to help each other and no gesture is too small. Something that we may not need anymore may be valuable to another person somewhere who could not otherwise access it and it takes surprisingly little to contribute.”

We’re so proud to work with such outstanding people! For more information on how you too can help following the earthquakes, please check the Dunia Baru blog here.

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