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Escape to Italy with our virtual book…

Is chartering a yacht around the sunny Mediterranean on your 2022 travel list? Looking to take advantage of relatively easy access and an abundance of culture, sights and sun? Spend time exploring Europe’s most magnificent coastline when you book a yacht charter on the Amalfi Coast of Italy. Visit ancient historical sites, play in crystal clear Mediterranean waters, and soak up that hot Italian sun.
As you journey down the coast of Italy on a yacht during the long days of summer, the Mediterranean light gets into your soul. It stays there forever, like the memories in a dream: images of sun-soaked villages and piazzas, of the happy screams of kids jumping off the yacht into a deep blue sea. Sound like the perfect getaway to you? We sure love the sound of it!

couple standing on cliff in Cinque Terre

There’s something extraordinarily special about chartering a yacht Рno matter where you do it Рbut a yacht charter in Italy is a journey through a timeless land, where vengeful gods and volcanoes once ruled and the past is everywhere you look. Looking for more info on this stunning region? Check this out!

Will you remember your yacht charter in Italy? Of course you will, it’s where the light got into your soul. Can’t wait to get away and want to start imagining your time there? Download your free copy of the e-book now and look forward to some incredible destination inspiration! Want to get started planning? Contact me today to get the ball rolling!

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