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Ultimate Privacy on a Luxury Yacht Charter


Relax and unwind in the privacy of your very own superyacht vacation.

If I owned a private yacht, I would name it ‘Splendid Isolation’. History buffs will immediately recognise the term as the 19th century British foreign policy of keeping out of Europe, but the term fits so well for a yacht, sitting beautifully at anchor in a quiet bay, gleaming in a setting sun.

There’s something deeply liberating about casting off from shore and heading out to sea on an adventure. Standing on deck with the salt spray in your face, watching land fall away into the distance; the yacht’s wake carving a huge frothing path through a tranquil sea.

You soon find yourself in a secluded anchorage, far away from the summertime crowds, enjoying the deep clear water and the afternoon breeze that lifts gently off the water as you read a book on a sun lounger. When it’s time to move to the next spectacular place, it’s just a quick word with the captain and you are on your way, without any of the land-lubbers trouble of traffic and finding a last-minute hotel room.

In the splendid isolation of a luxury yacht, you can do what you please. You are adrift from responsibilities, and yet completely in control.

Yachting has an extraordinary way of letting things fall away, slowing life down. The days of a yacht charter pass in a rhythm of swimming and sleeping, eating and drinking- all with gorgeous scenery that makes you sigh out loud- that long exhalation of sheer contentment that we find so rarely in busy lives full of noise and obligations. Of course, you may be adrift from land in your splendid isolation, but you are not alone. What makes the isolation of luxury yachts so very splendid is that you have your friends and family with you- a hand-chosen few. Together, you have privacy from the outside world, and with it, an opportunity to reconnect without distractions.

The privacy on a yacht is complete. The crew are discreet and stay respectfully out of sight unless you want them nearby. Crew adapt to your style of service, not you to theirs- a good crew will only take a few moments to assess whether you like a more friendly and involved style of service or a more formal and inconspicuous one.

In the more remote areas, this wonderful feeling of splendid isolation deepens- that you are doing something quite special, adrift from land, adrift from normal life.

Of course, when the need strikes for world-class restaurants, spa treatments or a bit of sightseeing, you simply step ashore, perhaps getting a berth in a glittering marina in Monaco or St Barts, berthing among the gathered superyachts. Even then, your yacht is your own private island, each a separate little universe from the next. When it comes to privacy and seclusion on holidays, there is nothing quite like it that I know.

This is isolation at its most splendid indeed.

Contributed by: Jo Morgan

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