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Water Toys on Luxury Yacht Vacations


Transforming your yacht vacation with the latest and greatest toys

There’s nothing like coming back to the yacht after a good session on the water toys with tired muscles, adrenaline pumping, and a huge happy grin on your face. Having a go on the yacht’s watertoys is one of the defining pleasures of a superyacht holiday, and the water sports experience can transform your yacht charter from the excellent to the simply superb.

Whether it’s shooting above the waves on a flyboard, sinking beneath them in the latest personal submarine, or floating across them on a stand-up paddleboard, watersports are simply the best way to get out on the water and explore the sea around you.

So we decided to take a look at the latest and greatest watertoys on the yachting market, as well as a few perennial favourites.

Floating pools

A floating inflatable sea pool with stylish wooden decks is the latest word in yachting luxury.  These pools can be anchored to your yacht, extending the entertaining and leisure space of your yacht and even giving you a welcome escape from any jellyfish or seaweed.  There are many different types, from the more basic inflatable version to an ultra-swish floating island model from Superpool with wooden decking and shade awnings.

The Electric Wakeboard

Tearing across the water’s surface on a wakeboard or waterski has always been amazing fun, as you skip across the surface and jump over the wake from the tender pulling you. The Raddin Electric Wakeboard, however, dispenses with the tender altogether, as you just jump on the electric board and zip off to wherever you please. One battery charge lasts an hour, with an easily replaceable spare battery when you run out of zip.

Stand-up Paddleboards

For those who prefer their watersports a bit more sedate, then a morning out on a stand-up paddleboard exploring the coastline is the perfect way to explore your surroundings.  Float over reefs, looking down through the crystal clear water at the coral gardens and fish below you, explore the mangrove canals looking for dugongs, or hug the rocky coastline searching for the perfect cove. Quiet and serene, paddle-power allows you to enjoy nature in all its peaceful glory. You’ve also got the popular option of doing yoga on the paddleboard- a magic experience at sunrise.

Inflatable Waterparks, Climbing Walls, and Giant Slides

The inflatable accessory market for yachts is opening up endless possibilities, with giant waterslides, inflatable obstacle courses, and climbing walls transforming the yacht toy market. The kids (and big kids) will adore the slides and floating trampolines, while the climbing walls and obstacle courses promise a huge amount of competitive fun in the sun for families and friends. Fitstyler and Fun Air are two big players in the inflatable market.

Diving board

What’s better than diving off the swim platform into crystalline waters? Well adding a somersault and a half-pike of course! Lillipad Marine have designed the first diving boards to be mounted on yachts. This simple attachment to the boat provides hours of fun and some spectacular photo-moments.

Jetskis and Waverunners

It’s probably the defining image of the superyacht world: a gleaming white private yacht at anchor, with guests on jetskis zipping by, tracing white circles around the yacht, giant sprays of water shooting behind them. Whether you stay close to the yacht or go on a coastal adventure, a jetski or waverunner provides hours of fun and adrenaline.


Strap on your jetpack and fly high above the water, somersaulting as you go. Flyboards and jetpacks are similar futuristic watertoys that hit the yachting market a few years ago with great success, as they run on the power of a jetski and are a great toy to play with off the back of the yacht. You’ll never forget the adrenaline- or the view of the yacht as you hover over the water!

Personal submarines

The personal submarine is the ultimate toy for superyachts, promising underwater adventure down into the deep. The biggest name in personal underwater craft is Deep Flight, who just keep getting more futuristic with their personal submarine designs, offering the extraordinary experience of underwater flight in vehicles which are light, easy to manoeuvre and incredible fun.

Amphibious Tender

When you don’t want to have to change vehicles between the yacht’s tender and a land-car, just take the amphibious vehicle, drive from the sea right up on to the sand and hit the road! There are several different versions, including a jeep-type Panther vehicle from Watercar that can drive well on the road, and a flashy extreme terrain vehicle with caterpillar treads from Iguana.

Underwater Scooters

The SeaBob brand has been a wildly popular option for yachts for several years, with a wide range of undersea scooters which allow you to swim underwater like a dolphin! You can choose to use them with snorkelling or diving gear and reach underwater speeds of up to 14km/hour, or tear along the surface at up to 20kms/hr. While models vary, the Seabob has an average operating time of 60mins and can reach depths of 40m.

With all this fun to be had, be sure to dive off the deck and get out on the water during your next superyacht charter— you’ll be glad you did!


Contributed by: Jo Morgan

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