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Podcast soundbites from The Green Stew, Lauren Ryburn


Just in case you missed out on our fantastic podcast episode with The Green Stew, Lauren Ryburn a few months ago, I wanted to share a few of the hottest soundbites here for you! And of course the link to the full podcast so you can catch it now!

girl doing yoga in tree post in front of beach in Costa Rica

Lauren in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

How did you make the transition from city life to yacht life?

I was living in London for two years working as a mobile spa therapist but when my visa was due to end and I wasn’t ready to move back home to New Zealand just yet, I looked into other options for working, living abroad and travelling.

I discovered the yachting industry and it fitted the bill perfectly.

I jumped onboard and haven’t looked back!

What made you want to create The Green Stew?

Having worked in the yachting industry for some time I became alarmingly aware of the large Eco footprint that this industry (among many other industries) was having on the planet. I began to feel very torn between doing what I love and doing what felt right.

But instead of becoming resentful or running off to bury my head in the sand I decided that the most effective approach I can have to help heal the damage that is being caused is to bring about a sense of awareness.

So I started my Instagram page The Green Stew to inspire fellow yacht crew to take a green approach to the way they do things. In the hopes that we can all work together to have a greener, more sustainable future!

Because we all have the ability to come together and make a real impact. I believe it is our duty not only as an industry but as human beings on this planet to stand up and make a change before it’s too late.

A luxurious service should not come at the cost of the planet. In fact, sustainability and luxury can both flourish in a balanced, symbiotic relationship. Sustainability is something we should always strive to achieve as an industry standard.

Because let’s face it, luxury yachting wouldn’t exist without the beauty and abundance of the ocean. And there’s no pleasure in sailing on polluted, plastic ridden waters.

Any tips on others looking to do more for the environment? 

Just know that each and everyone one of us has the power to create change and improve the earth’s current environmental situation. And it is not just the drastic actions that are needed but also the small constant ones too.

The best place to start is to begin viewing your life and your workplace through eco-conscious lenses today. Become aware of the small things you can improve on, and start to make changes that will inspire others to do the same.

Don’t be afraid to make a stand for what you believe in or speak up when you feel something is not right!

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Thanks again for spending some time with us again Lauren! Check Lauren out on Instagram here and her website! Don’t forget to listen to the whole episode here and subscribe on iTunes and the Google Play Store! While there, why not pop us a quick review too?
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