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HotelExecutive – June 2019


Hey, guess what?! We were recently featured in HotelExecutive in an editorial on how we are using podcasts to help sell the luxury hospitality experience! Did you know that we run a monthly podcast featuring some of the industry’s top movers and shakers? That we provide behind the scenes info on the world of luxury yachting? Be sure to rate, review and subscribe on iTunes or in the Google Play store!

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As the article explains:

“Great visuals sell. Especially in the hospitality industry.

Everybody knows the value of a perfectly staged photograph, 360° room tour, and dramatic drone footage. But it’s precisely because “everybody” knows this that it’s increasingly difficult to stand out.

Your guests scroll past dozens of professionally shot and edited photos while searching for the right hotel room. They ‘like’ countless stunning location images on social media. And they’ll probably watch more than one travel vlog before selecting their final destination.

That’s why if you’re looking for new and innovative ways to market your hotel, the next big thing may not be visual at all.”

HotelExecutive is one of the hotel industry’s leading online resource for hotel owners and operators around the world. Have a look at our article and check out their website here. Thanks again for the coverage!

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