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Chef Mark Godbeer


Mark’s absolute love for cooking and childhood infatuation with the ocean made yachting the ideal career choice. Having trained in London, studied in South Africa, apprenticed in the Seychelles and operating a restaurant in Canada, traveling was already a feature in his life.

Mark’s enthusiasm for the culinary arts literally propelled him to complete a three year intensive culinary diploma within one year’s time and now he’s composing his first cookbook. Through 12 years as a chef, Mark has constantly pushed the boundaries. He adds his flair not only to the food but to the dining experience as a whole.

If you ask Mark what his greatest achievement has been thus far, he’ll say, “doing what I love to do”

I would love to go to Turkey, my wife and I vacationed there a while back, breathtaking scenery, absolutely delicious food, friendly locals great spring and summer climate and plenty of history make it my prime location. Having that accompanied with the grandeur of being spoiled rotten on a superyacht makes for a great package!

My favorite activity on board is using the toys in tropical climates. Even just a dive off the sun deck into crystal clear water is hard to beat!

My advice to anyone planning a trip would be to get the crew to hide all the remote controls for the televisions prior to arrival and do as much as you can outside. There is no other service like superyacht service; kings and queens would be envious! Let the crew do what they do best, which is showing you an unforgettable time. and take advantage of your location.

I chose this industry because I love the ocean, traveling and cooking; there are not many jobs which tick all those boxes.

A very unique challenge to working on a boat is the motion of the ocean. Generally, galleys are nearer the bow of the boat so when we get big swell and waves, it can get bumpy. Certain dishes are not motion friendly, so you always have to be on your toes. Knock on wood, I have not had many unusual cooking related requests, but I have had a guest ask me if there was any way we could stop the boat from rocking.

I love cooking guest caught fish (provided it’s not caught 15 minutes before service). It gives the guests a great all round experience! For them to see it still wriggling on deck to plated up a la gourmet, who wouldn't enjoy that? At the end of the day, that’s what we want for the guests - mass amounts of enjoyment! I remember the first time I worked with sea urchin. The only time I had come in contact with one was via my foot surfing a shallow reef and they had not become popular or common yet on the plate. I had a guest walk straight into the galley from his snorkel and put several on my bench and request that they were prepared immediately. Thanks to Google, I learnt quickly!

I really enjoy healthy cooking. You are what you eat and I am a skinny chef you can trust. I am not a big fan of constricting diets, especially when they are just a fad. However, dietary challenges make you a better chef, keep your brain ticking and broaden your knowledge.

Being a chef onboard a superyacht is a love story....

From the adventure, to the drama, to the passion, and the love. Throw in some humor and excitement, top it all off with a mix of characters, and you have yourself an Oscar-winning setting.

To work onboard a yacht you really have to have passion; passion for traveling, cultures and your specified profession. I happen to love cooking and creating and the best thing is, I get to experience it all with my wonderful wife.

That being said, we as crew have one united goal; to give our guests the time of their lives. Every department has to come together to create an experience that no one will ever forget, an experience that the guests will want to repeat time and time again....

Don't mess with the guy that feeds you!