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Why Indonesia is the Perfect Spot to Spend Your Winter Holiday!


We know it can be hard trying to decide where to spend the holidays - where can you go to escape the crowds and make the most of your winter vacation? Maybe you want to escape the cold for some sun, sea and sand, while ensuring everyone in your family will enjoy themselves. Enter Indonesia: completely unspoilt waters, thousands of deserted islands and the perfect weather for divers and snorkelers.

We’ve taken the liberty to list our top five reasons you need to book a winter vacation to Indonesia right now!

stewardess sets the table on aft deck of yacht in Indonesia


1. Avoid the crowds - Tired of stepping off a cramped flight, only to be bombarded with harried travelers clamouring over the buffet table at your resort? With over 17,000 islands to choose from, you will have no shortage of deserted isles to call your own, have your crew pack a picnic lunch for you, or get the best views after a jungle hike without dealing with throngs of crowds. This is what a true vacation feels like!


2. Tropical Weather - While the most of Indonesia will be experiencing a wet season the Raja Ampat region benefits from close proximity to the equator and nearly year-round optimal weather. November through March offers the calmest waters and best visibility for diving. It is a fantastic time to visit with warm seawater and significantly fewer tourists.

close up of manta ray in blue ocean

3. Did we mention diving? -  This time of year is high manta ray season...a sight to behold for any wildlife lover! But it’s not just the manta’s you’ll encounter here. From the infamous wobbegong (carpet shark), reef sharks and colourful schools of fish to the sperm whales breaching alongside of the yacht and the highest known diversity of coral reefs in one spot, this will be an experience like no other. Not PADI certified? Not a problem! Most yachts will either come with a dive instructor ready to show you the best dive and snorkel sites, or can be arranged for the duration of your trip.

aerial shot of yacht nestled between islands in Raja Ampat


4. Local Festivities - Even though you are on the other side of the world, you will still see many of the western Christmas decorations and festivities. While the majority of Indonesians are Muslim, the 25th is a still a national holiday and you will find no shortage of decorations adorning the towns and villages. Keep an eye out for their infamous unique Christmas trees, from recycled plastic to chicken feathers the locals go all out!

5. Price Point - It’s MUCH more affordable than you think! We can design a unique all inclusive package for you and 2 to 14 guests on one of the many yachts we have available to charter in the region! For less than what you’d pay per person at a busy Caribbean resort, you can bask in the lap of all inclusive luxury including: private yacht rental, all food and drinks, fuel, taxes, even diving certification! Whether you want to deep dive with the marine life or get up close and personal with the dragons of Komodo, there’s a new way to discover Indonesia.


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