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Indonesia is reopened and waiting for you!


After two years of closure, Indonesia finally reopened its borders to international travellers earlier this year. As a hotspot for luxury yacht travel (and sunseekers of all kind) we have been anxiously awaiting the news and can’t wait to get more of you onboard in this gem of a region.

To get the latest run down on operations in the area, we spoke with Nikko Karki of Indo Yachts.

island in Indonesia with grass covered mountains and white sand beach

Now that Indonesia is finally reopen to international tourists, are you seeing renewed interest in any particular cruising grounds?

The most demand for charters is out of Bali, just because it is so well known. We try to guide people to Komodo which is a far better cruising ground and only an hour flight away. Bali is also a swell magnet, which can make comfortable cruising a little challenging. We have been getting inquiries from people who want to fly to Bali and anchor off and visit the restaurants and bars, as if they were in the Med. That type of charter isn’t really possible in Bali, so a lot of our discussions turn into consulting how to get clients their dream trips within conditions that will be possible.

komodo dragon with tongue out
Can you share some of the best spots people should look at when chartering a yacht in the region?

Komodo is breathtakingly beautiful. It’s also a relatively small area so the distances are not too long. Indonesia is huge and trying to cover a few areas in a short trip can easily lead to an itinerary with a lot of cruising every day. While an adventure trip covering a lot of distance is certainly possible, we usually recommend sticking to a few hours max of cruising per day in an area like Komodo to leave plenty of time for other activities and relaxing at picturesque anchorages.

Raja Ampat is a larger area and can be seen in a week to two weeks.

Did you see a new trend of locals booking yacht vacations while the borders were closed? And if so, do you think that trend is here to stay?

Yes, Indonesia has a large population that are used to traveling internationally. When borders were closed, we saw a definite surge in families from Jakarta and Bali exploring Indonesia by yacht. Some of the families we had the pleasure of working with are experienced divers and we found them bringing their friends along to experience diving for the first time. Seeing Indonesia is only really possible by boat due to the vast distances and island chains.

Looking for some further inspiration when visiting Indonesia? Check out this itinerary for more info! As always, please reach out if you’d like to start the planning process or have any questions at all!

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