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Lobster Ravioli


Contributed by: Chef Perry Schermuly

Feeds four guests


3 Maine lobsters
12 baby pak choy
12 peeled cherry tomatoes
4 large super fresh scallops (no roe). Cleaned and sliced into thirds
500g fresh pasta. Use 1 egg for every 100g of flour
1 bunch asparagus (peeled and trimmed)
Low acidity olive oil (cold pressed)
Lemongrass, ginger, chervil


Blanch the lobster in rapidly boiling water for one minute. Chill back (refresh) in iced water. Carefully remove tail and meat from claws. Chop the meat finely, season well, then add lemon grass, grated ginger and chopped chervil. Save the claw meat for garnish.

Using an ice cream scoop, ball 12 equal mounds of lobster mixture. Set in fridge for an hour.

Using a large pasta machine, roll the fresh pasta thinly enough to make 12 raviolis; 12 top rounds and 12 bottoms. Place one ball of lobster in each ravioli, secure the slightly larger ravioli top down with egg white (exclude all trapped air before sealing).

Cook rapidly the tomatoes, asparagus and baby pak choy in a little olive oil and lobster poaching water.

Poach the ravioli in the simmering lobster stock for five to six minutes. Remove and drain.

Sauté the seasoned scallop discs on one side for 30 seconds.


Place three ravioli on the plate, arrange the garnish around using asparagus, scallop, tomatoes and pak choy. Drizzle a little olive oil over the dish and finish with sprigs of chervil. Serve with a good brut champagne.

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