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Meet the SkinnyChef, Jessica Alcock!


It’s time to head back into the kitchen with another wonderful luxury yacht chef! Meet Jessica Alcock, native South African, currently travelling the globe and cooking up some amazing dishes! Read on for more with Jessica.

young blonde female yacht chef Jessica Alcock holding a cake on a yacht

When did you first get into yachting and become a yacht chef?

I started studying as a chef immediately after school with the intention of working as a chef on the superyachts in the future, but at the time I didn’t realize it would be so soon! I was a full-time Athlete racing on the XCO mountain biking circuits planning on participating in the Olympics. But shortly after my studies I decided to rather pursue my cheffing Career and learn as much as possible while I’m still young and adventurous.

How to prepare for the start of a charter?

I generally plan menus ahead for charters based on the guest’s preference lists and plan for an extra day or two in case of emergencies or guests changing their preferences. As well as sometimes planning my menus based on which ports we will be in during the charter because it means I can go into the fresh fish and vegetable markets early in the morning before guests wake up.

plated appetizer with smoked salmon and greens

Can you share a bit about your trickiest experiences trying to get supplies onboard?

I wouldn’t really call it tricky but it was definitely a sight to see. One time In Loano, Italy I needed to fetch a few supplies from the fresh market so I hired a bicycle with a baby chair and got a little carried away with how amazing the products were at the market. Needless to say, the bike was so heavy and over packed in the end that I struggled to maintain my balance so I had to take it in two loads!

Do you have a go-to dish for guests that you know will wow everyone and anyone?

I actually don’t, but if I had to choose, my favourite go-to dish used to be pork belly but lately we’ve had loads of guests who don’t eat pork, so I think that will change shortly!

Do you have a favourite corner of the globe you like to visit? 

I’m going to be a little patriotic with this answer and say Cape Town, South Africa. As much as I travel and enjoy eating loads of different cuisines, South African flavours will always be a favourite!

If you weren’t in yachting, what else would you want to be doing for a living?

If I wasn’t currently in the role I am now, I would definitely consider opening a restaurant or a cake shop. Either way, my passion would still lie with food. 

Thanks so much to Jessica for her time! Check out more of her delicious foods on Instagram here!

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