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Meet Our Luxury Yacht Partners


We’ve only got more and more snow over here so I thought we’d take a mini break and shed a bit of light on our luxury yacht partners. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be bringing you interviews with each of them so you get to know who we work with, what yachts are on offer, and more importantly…where you can go!

West Nautical logo

West Nautical
As one of our first partners, West Nautical is our authority for yachting in Europe and the Med. We currently have five of their yachts available across the Med. If you’re thinking about escaping and enjoying the infamous Mediterranean summers, ask us how!

Northrop & Johnson Australia
When we wanted to expand into Australia and the South Pacific, we knew to go straight to one of the industry’s oldest brands. A beautiful gem with plenty of cruising options, we’re thrilled to have eight of their yachts available to charter. Is a cruise down under on your bucket list this year? We’ve got some fantastic options to cruise this fantastic region!

Hargrave yachts logo

Hargrave Custom Yachts
A proud American brand, Hargrave has been our own go-to authority on yachting in America and the Caribbean since inception. There are a total of five Hargrave yachts your can charter through us, including the recently refit Sea Star. If you’re brand new to luxury yacht charters, the perfect place to start is Florida and the Bahamas!

yacht in Indonesia

Dunia Baru
This privately-owned Indonesian style phinisi yacht is one of the region’s most successful charter yachts and we are thrilled to partner up with owner Mark Robba, to showcase the very best of Indonesia and beyond. The only way to discover a land filled with over 17,000 islands is of course by yacht!

Keep an eye out for next week’s interview with Managing Director at West Nautical, Geoff Moore!

To see the yachts these partners have available, please click here!

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