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The New World with Phinisi Yacht Dunia Baru


We've been daydreaming a lot about Indonesia lately (or anywhere with sunshine let's be honest!) and following our announcement of another private phinisi yacht partner based there, we wanted to spend some time over the next few weeks exploring this beautiful region with you.

Operating the very successful charter yacht, Dunia Baru within the region since 2014, we were happy to sit down with owner Mark Robba this week for a sneak peek inside Indo.

wooden boat on the water
What are the hottest spots to charter around Indonesia for 2018? Do you have any personal plans for new destinations?

The hottest spots in Indonesia continue to be Komodo and Raja Ampat, but the 'hot spots' are not necessarily the spots where we will be focusing this year. These spots are in danger of becoming crowded and there are so many incredible places in Indonesia that are still off the beaten track.

Dunia Baru focuses on adventure and taking our clients to remote and fascinating locations. This year we will focus on locations east of Komodo; Alor, The Forgotten Islands, and The Banda Islands (Spice Islands) for example. We are also going to Southern Papua, Triton Bay and the Kai Islands. There are truly remote and untouched locations. After all Indonesia is an archipelago of 17,000 Islands so why go to places with the crowd?

Adventure is our motto, our thirst.

We are currently in Palau and just finished a one month charter. It was an epic adventure and the client said it was their best trip ever. On the way back to Indonesia we will explore the Halmahera National Park in Northern Ambon. It is off the dive boat circuit but our expectation is it will be excellent, remote, pristine and what our clients are after.

Why do you think a phinisi style yacht is really the best way to explore the region?

Dunia Baru is a traditional phinisi-style superyacht, built by hand by traditional Indonesian boat-builders. There really is no better way to see Indonesia. This boat is part of Indonesia, part of the country's culture and soul, and exemplifies the best of what Indonesia has to offer. There is something special about sailing between the islands, anchoring in perfect bays on a beautiful wooden yacht. It is truly authentic. And when the captain raises the sails – I dare you to not feel like an early explorer, discovering these islands for the first time.

Why do you believe chartering is such a fantastic way to travel?

Chartering is unbeatable. You are the boss, you are in control of each day and how you spend your holiday. It offers all the benefits of yacht ownership, with zero commitment. Private yacht standards maintained to the highest degree and immaculate upkeep to ensure everything is flawless, as a yacht should be.

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