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New York Strip with Mixed Melon Salad


New York strip steak

Contributed by: Chef Mark Godbeer

Feeds eight to twelve guests depending on desired portion size


Strip and marinade rub
4 x 16oz New York strip
4 x tbsp smoked paprika
2 x tbsp garlic power
2 x tbsp crushed pepper
2 x tbsp cumin
2 x tbsp kosher salt
6 x tbsp sweet chili

1/4 x cantaloupe melon
1/4 x honeydew melon
1 x red pepper
3 x green onion
4 x tbsp e.v.o.o
1 x lemon squeezed
Salt and pepper to taste

Edible flowers
Micro chives (or regular chives cut in 1/2 inch)
Kecap manis (reduced sweet soy) in small squeeze bottle for easier application
Chive oil (1 x bunch chives + 1 x clove garlic + 1 x cup e.v.o.o blended and strained)


First the steak
If you are planning on serving this for your dinner’s beginning course, it's best if you prep it on the morning of the meal. I usually prep and marinade my meats first thing when I am making croissants, muffins, or a fruit platter. The salad can be completed whenever you have an opportunity.

The strip and marinade rub. Cut the fat off the strip. After doing so, cut the tip and toe of the strip at right angles, so the steak starts to resemble a rectangular block.

Cut the sides of the strip in the same fashion as you did the ends so you have nice right angles.

In a bowl, add remaining rub ingredients. Mix well.

Apply the rub to each steak vigorously, leaving no surface untouched.

Place on baking pan, wrap tight and refrigerate up until one hour before service.

Deseed and remove skin of melons. Apply a bruinoise dice (fine small dice) to both melons and set in a bowl.

Deseed pepper. Remove any remaining pith and also apply a bruinoise dice. Keeping it the same size as the melon. Add to bowl.

Split the green onions length ways and then split again. Chop finely and add to bowl.

Add oil, e.v.o.o and salt and pepper to taste, and mix.

Set aside, cover and refrigerate until plating.


- Heat a non stick pan to med-high. Spray strip with Pam cooking spray
- Add two tbsp olive oil to pan and start cooking the steaks.
- Cook the strip for 45 seconds to a minute on each of the four sides obtaining a nice sear on each side.
- Sear the tips and toes of the steaks and place in a oven at 400 degrees Farenheit for 10 minutes (for medium rare).
- All ovens are different, so keep an eye on it.
- Remove steak and set aside to rest on chopping board.


Whilst the steak rests (three to five minutes), spoon the salad onto the plate. Be creative; I generally design a long line for the steak to rest on in the middle of a rectangular white or black slate plate.

Slice 1/4" slices of the strip and place atop the salad. (Steaks will be nicely rested and have retained its juices, so bleeding won't be an issue.)

Place some micro chives and flowers sporadically around the dish with some drizzle of reduced soy and chive oil.

Serve immediately.

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