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Pinstripe Magazine – December 2018

We’re so happy to share our latest press feature with you all! We were approached by Pinstripe Magazine recently to discuss vacation options for the men looking to “vacation like a boss”. Pinstripe is an excellent publication focusing on the best items, discussions, fashions and more for the men out there.

aerial view of harbour in the South of France with boats at anchor

Yachts in harbour in Monaco
Luxury yacht vacations aren’t just for the rich and famous, or families or those retired. It’s actually for anyone and everyone in between! As explained in the article:

“More affordable than you might think

Until recently, yachting has been the exclusive pastime of the uber-wealthy, costing many millions to buy and run and many hundreds of thousands of dollars to charter out by the week.

But OceanScape Yachts is changing all that. This one-of-a-kind vacation club is making yachting vacations more accessible and affordable for travelers just like you. In fact, you and a group of friends can charter a yacht—complete with luxury cabins for up to 12 guests, a whirlpool tub, jet skis, a 5-star crew and your own personal chef—for about the same cost as a week at a high-end hotel or one of the fancier cruise lines. A luxury, to be sure, but not out of reach.

Can’t afford to get away for an entire week? No problem. Day charters are available for a weekend of fishing and diving or tailgating in style before the big game.”

Please click here for our full interview with the team. 
Thanks again for this opportunity Pinstripe Magazine!
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