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The Lovely Yacht Stew, Gemma Christian is on the Podcast Today!


Happy June everyone and welcome to our latest episode of the podcast! Today I am thrilled to welcome this special guest to our show. Gemma Christian is an incredibly accomplished chief yacht stew onboard luxury yachts and is the owner of the highly successful blog

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Listen now to hear even more like these little soundbites:

  • Gemma’s nearly decade long experience in the yachting industry
  • Why she felt the need to create her blog and Instagram to connect, help and inspire other stews in the industry
    • I started in yachting in 2011 and initially just wanted to do a season but here I am going into my eighth year! I literally wrote my final exam in university and was on my first yacht in two days! I’ve been a Chief Stew for about four years now and I just felt like there wasn’t a lot of support and guidance for stews in the industry so thought wouldn’t it be great if there was a place we could all go for that connection? I was also feeling a little bit bored – we were heading into a winter season and felt like I needed a new place for my creative outlet. So that was how was born!
  • More travel inspiration for upcoming vacations!
    • I think my absolute favourite place in the world is Provence in France. So much so, we actually got married there last year! The French Riviera just has it all – the water, the restaurants, the shops, etc. Can’t get enough of it.

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Thanks so much to the yacht stew, Gemma for her time!

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