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Welcome to Our Podcast!


We are so excited to share our latest news with you all – we officially started a podcast last week! We wanted to introduce a new way for you to get to know us, but for us to open up the conversation and get to know our dear followers a bit better too!

With a dramatic increase in podcasts available for the masses, we realized this would be an excellent way to bring you even more content, more amazing destination options, more interviews with the people that make up this unique luxury yacht industry and so much more!

logo with beach and ocean

Our goal with the show is to bring you fantastic destinations, interesting experiences, and interviews from industry experts offering the best insider travel tips and tricks – just for you! We want this time to be a mini-break for you – picture yourself on a white sand beach, beads of water dripping off your cold drink with the sun on your face. Or hiking ancient trails in Europe, overlooking century-old buildings, soaking up the culture around you.

Come and escape with us, picking up some extra info and inspiration for your next trip. It’s no secret that virtual vacations can be excellent for our mental health and lowering stress levels. And what better way to take a virtual vacation than listening in as we discuss lost corners of the globe to visit or what attracts people to the sea.

Click below to listen now and please subscribe on iTunes here and the Google Play store.

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