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Luxury Market Expert Pam Danziger is Here!


Welcome to a new podcast and our final one for 2018! It has been such a spectacular year filled with incredible guests, wonderful insights and entertaining stories that we hope you’ve enjoyed too! THANK YOU for spending your time with us! Onto this month’s special guest, we’re thrilled that luxury market researcher and owner of Unity Marketing Pam Danziger spent some time with us this week! Pam has over two decades in the luxury field and is an expert on how the American Affluent spend (and why they spend!)

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Listen in to learn more about:

  • How the American Affluent’s spending habits have changed over the years – with more people coming into wealth at a younger age, the way we spend and enjoy money has changed
  • Why people are valuing experiences over material items. It’s no secret that experiential travel is on the rise, and we think a luxury yacht vacation is a perfect way to indulge in that!
  • How certain generations are changing the landscape for the future

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Thank you again to Pam Danziger for her time!

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