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Charter Broker Fleur Tomlinson of 37South is on the podcast!


Welcome again to another edition of Sea the World Differently! This month’s podcast is a bit of a double whammy! We get to sit down and chat with not only one of our excellent yacht partners, 37South (check some of their yachts out here), but also learn a bit more about charter broker Fleur Tomlinson who has literally been in yachting since before she was born!

Born to parents who worked in yachting, Fleur actually covered over 8000 miles before even being born! So it was only natural that when she grew up, she would hear the sea calling her name and find herself working in yachting. You don’t want to miss this incredibly interesting and educational episode! Please don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe on iTunes and the Google Play Store – and thank you for all of the love and support!

blonde girl smiling on dock with marina in background

Listen in to learn more about:

  • How Fleur followed her passion back into yachting and became a charter broker
  • How Fleur has seen the industry grow and change in her experience
  • Fleur sharing her top destinations for the year ahead – an avid traveller, you know there are going to be some excellent suggestions here! 
  • Don’t forget to check Fleur out on Instagram here and on the 37South website!

Go ahead and have a listen below now! And don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes and the Google Play Store! While there, why not pop us a quick review too?

Thanks so much again to Fleur for her time!

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