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Ron Holland joins us on the podcast!


You may remember we ran a brilliant interview with Ron Holland of Ron Holland Design back in autumn but I am thrilled to finally be able to welcome him to the podcast! Not only that, I scored a copy of his long-anticipated book, All The Oceans, Designing by the seat of my pants. Be sure to pick up your own copy too!

Ron was born in New Zealand and quite literally had sailing in his blood so finding his way to a career in yacht design was no big surprise to many! However, building such an incredible and impressive career is thanks in large part due to Ron’s excellent talent.

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Listen in to learn more about:

  • Ron’s love of sailing and design
  • Some of his favourite experiences in luxury yacht design over the decades
  • Some of Ron’s top destinations for your next vacation (like this photo of him onboard Rosehearty in the Northwest Passage!)
  • Don’t forget to check out their website and Instagram for plenty more updates from the team!

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Thanks so much again to Ron for his time this month!

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