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New Podcast! Wildlife on a Superyacht Vacation


Welcome to another month, which means it’s time for our latest podcast! This episode we explore the incredible wildlife experiences, sometimes only available onboard. What is the one thing that unites most of us when booking a vacation? Whether you are taking a vacation by boat or on land? Well for us, you guessed it! The native animals you meet on holiday definitely make up those unbeatable moments.

Imagine being onboard a phinisi style superyacht in the depths of Indonesia and seeing sperm whales breach just off the bow. Or feeding the adorable piglets that freely roam Big Major Cay in the Exumas.

Come with us as we uncover our top picks to get up close and personal with local wildlife – whether onboard or on land – these destinations have something for everyone!

Little piglet in a water at beach on Exuma Bahamas

You’ll discover:

  • Swimming with pigs in the Exumas
  • The abundance of sea and land animals waiting for you in Indonesia
  • Fishing in Costa Rica
  • Diving with great white sharks in South Africa
  • The Great Barrier Reef in Australia
  • Bob around with the turtles in Hawaii

Go ahead and have a listen below now! And don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes here!

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