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Legendary Explorer Paul Rose on the podcast!


I think it’s pretty apparent we are all in need of a little adventure and inspiration right now. That is why I am thrilled to welcome this month’s podcast guest explorer, Paul Rose, to the podcast! You may know him as a BBC presenter, ex-Vice President of the Royal Geographical Society, author, or the current Expedition Leader for the National Geographic Pristine Seas Expeditions. Incredibly approachable, Paul didn’t hesitate when I invited him to be on the podcast and I am so glad he did as it was an absolute blast chatting with him!

Paul has worked tirelessly for ocean conservation and exploration and if you don’t already follow him on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, you should start so you never miss an update from Paul!

Enjoy the episode below and please don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe on iTunes and the Google Play Store!

man scuba diving with large fish behind him
Paul Rose posing with a new friend!

Enjoy this chat with Paul as we chat:

  • Paul’s experience as a diver, explorer and expedition leader
  • Ocean conservation
  • How COVID-19 is affecting the environment and what future travel and expeditions might look like
  • Paul’s favourite corners of the globe to explore

Go ahead and have a listen below now! Please don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe on iTunes and the Google Play Store!

Thanks so much again to Paul for his time!

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