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Travel Editor Veronica Stoddart joins us on the Podcast


This month we are thrilled to welcome renowned travel writer and former Travel Editor of USA TODAY, Veronica Stoddart to the show! She's visited more than 100 countries, reporting from many of them, and lived in Colombia and Niger. Along the way, Veronica has "hunted" alligators in the Amazon, slept in a cave in Greece, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, learned to cook from a master chef in Tuscany, camped out in Antarctica, ridden the world's tallest sand dunes in Namibia, partied with Fidel Castro, and crossed the Sahara by Land Rover (just to name a few!)

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Veronica in Machu Picchu

Enjoy this chat with Veronica as we discuss:

  • Why she believes travel is a force for good in the world
  • Veronica's tips for connecting with various cultures when you travel
  • How you can get the most of your next vacation
  • Some of Veronica's favourite destinations you should add to your bucket list!
  • Don't forget to check Veronica out on her website and Twitter

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Thanks again to Veronica Stoddart for her time!

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