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Guest Podcast with Coral Triangle Safaris


Guess what today is? New podcast day! This episode we are so excited to be chatting with Yessi Maya Sari, who co-owns the luxury yacht Sequoia, with her husband, Kevin Corcoran. Based out of Indonesia and operating under the title of Coral Triangle Safaris, this intimate luxury yacht is available for groups of two to six, meaning it’s our most intimate private yacht offering.

Whether you want to escape on the ultimate private honeymoon or reconnect with family in sumptuous surroundings and luxurious furnishings, this yacht is for you! Built with the most discerning clients in mind, Sequoia comes equipped with her own private crew (including luxury chef!) and cruising itineraries to suit each and every one!

Sequoia wooden yacht in Indonesia

You’ll discover:

  • The best locations for diving in Indonesia – why not get certified onboard if you aren’t already?
  • Their top picks for running an off the beaten path charter
  • Why they chose to make their dream a reality onboard
  • Where they plan to cruise next – maybe you’ll want to join!

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Click these links to learn more about Sequoia and Indonesia or inquire now to get onboard!

Thanks again to Yessi and Coral Triangle Safaris for their time!

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