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Caroline Makepeace of YTravel Blog joins the podcast!

This month we’re joined on the podcast by Caroline Makepeace, one-half of the creators of YTravel Blog, along with her husband, Craig. They’ve been travelling the world nomadically for 22 years, the last 13 of which have been with their two daughters. Since 2010, they’ve been helping travel lovers “unplug from the chaosfollow their bliss, and travel more and create better memories.” From solo travel, couples travel, ex-pat travel, digital nomad travel, RV travel, and of course, travel with kids, their blog and social channels are a font of knowledge for those looking to get out and explore our great world!

Enjoy the episode below and please don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe on iTunes and Google Podcasts!

The family behind YTravel Blog jumping in the air in the desert
The Makepeace family

Enjoy this chat with Caroline as we discuss:

  • How they got started in travel blogging and now do it for a full-time career
  • Some excellent tips for others looking to travel with children
  • Some of Caroline and her family’s favourite destinations 
  • Don’t forget to check out their website with links to all of their social media channels

Go ahead and have a listen below now! Please don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe on iTunes and Google Podcasts!

Thanks again to Caroline and YTravel Blog for their time!

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