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Broker and Captain Teddy Garsva Podcast


Welcome to a new podcast everyone! I’m so excited for this month (do I say that every month? Hmm…) but this edition I’m joined by my good friend, Teddy Garsva who has over two decades of experience working in yachting – both as a superyacht Captain, and now a broker at Sunseeker Florida.

man smiling in front of yacht

Listen in to learn more about:

  • Teddy’s background in the industry – from a yacht build captain in Italy, to working as a broker in South Florida – Teddy has a wealth of knowledge to share!
  • The keys to a great charter experience – both for the captain and crew, as well as the guests onboard
  • Why yachting is the absolute best way to see the world – having been lucky enough to take a number of yacht charters himself, Teddy is the man to ask when it comes to the experience!
  • Teddy’s favourite destinations to explore – hint…Italy is top of his list!

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Thanks again Teddy for your time!

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