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Podcast with Aruba expert, Hyro Oduber

Welcome to a new month and a fresh new podcast episode! Today, we’re joined by Hyro Oduber, local Aruba resident and expert, global travel guide and host of the YouTube channel, Let’s go with Hyro. As Hyro shares on his website, “Travel is also a big passion of mine, so apart from the local videos I also make Travel Vlogs whenever that is possible. When Let’s go with Hyro was established in late 2018 the goal was not to visit every country in the world, but rather, build relationships with locals and have authentic travel experiences.


While my long-term plan was to also start making local (Aruba) videos, the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated this plan to the point that most will now consider my Youtube content as an Aruba travel information channel these days.” If you’re looking to feel like you’re on the island of Aruba without leaving the house, Hyro’s channel is the best place to take a mini-break!


Enjoy the episode below and please don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe on iTunes and Google Podcasts!
Aruban travel content creator Hyro Oduber sits in front of old doors covered in posters

Tune in now as we chat with Hyro and learn:

  • His love of travel and how he is able to do it full-time for work.
  • Through travel disruptions during COVID-19, how he turned to his home island of Aruba to share the best-kept secrets of this beautiful destination.
  • Some of Hyro’s recommended destinations to add to your bucket list.
  • His website with links to all of his social channels – be sure to check out and immerse yourself in the island of Aruba!

Go ahead and have a listen below now! Please don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe on iTunes and Google Podcasts!

Thanks again to Hyro for his time!

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