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Robb Report Feature – June 2018


We are so excited to share our latest press news! Head on over to Robb Report to check out their latest article on us that was published earlier this week.

family on aft deck of yacht
Luxury yacht Firefly, available to charter through our partner, West Nautical 

Go on over and check it out! Find updates on what we’re up to, why we think there is more of a need than ever for changes to the charter norm, and how you too can get involved in your next charter vacation! As Todd comments in the article:

“OceanScape Yachts is the world’s first vacation club dedicated to bringing the unparalleled experience of yachting to more travelers worldwide. Think of us as the Airbnb of yacht charters. We’re a platform that unites brokers and owners with a whole new list of potential clients.

We are focused on getting the word out that these amazing vacations are available to families or groups of friends for a price that is comparable to other luxury travel options. And we make it easy for new people attempting to charter a yacht for the first time, getting them the information they need and helping those who don’t have time or energy to properly research and plan a trip. Someone can come to us, tell us a bit about their needs—how many guests, location, and time of year—then we go out, get all the info (whether that is through one of our trusted yacht partners, or a further referral from them), then present them the options. We lay out plainly all hidden costs and fees, the charter agreement, how to get to and from their meeting location to get on board, etcetera. We are trying to make the entire charter process as seamless and painless as possible—especially for those who are completely new to this industry.”

Thanks again to the Marine Editor, Danielle Cutler and Robb Report for the interview!

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