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ICYMI: Interview with Stewardess Sam Mujica!


I just wanted to pop in to share a mini interview from the Conscious Stew, Sam Mujica. You may remember her from our podcast a few months ago – if you haven’t yet had a listen, here’s the link again. I hope you enjoy learning about Sam’s time as a stewardess in the industry!

How did you become a stew onboard luxury yachts?

In 2013 I visited the US for a vacation and got invited to go cruising on a little boat around Ft Lauderdale. One of my mom’s friends told me about luxury yachting that day and roughly explained to me what he knew about the industry.

I really didn’t show most interest at first since I was very focused on my studies so I went back home and continued with my regular routine until the beginning of 2014 when my country (Venezuela) went through a lot of political problems that ended up shutting down my university.

At this point, I made the decision to leave the books behind and give yachting a go. Looking back, I really had no idea how much I was going to enjoy my job and  how much I was going to learn! It has been an incredible journey!

girl smiling on yacht in uniform

How do you prepare for a one or two week charter?

I think having a pre-arrival list is a MUST! This way it is impossible to miss or forget anything.  Also getting little things ready before hand that can help you along the way. It is all about organization and working hard but also working smart! Also, taking care and time for yourself: While we are on trips EVERYTHING we do is for the guest, even before bed at night it is very hard to shut down and rest. Charters are definitely fun (don’t get me wrong), but they can also be exhausting. When I spend the last few days before a charter doing something I love and getting good sleep by the time the trip comes along I feel energized and ready to give my best.

What do you like to do in your downtime while at sea?

I love going on a tender drive, scuba diving or snorkelling, going out for a crew day and doing yoga with a view.

We are so lucky to travel to the most beautiful islands and cities. If I am out at sea or at a new port I do my research and go explore around, as there’s no way I will stay in watching movies when I have the chance to get to know a beautiful destination!

stewardess in uniform smiling in profile
Do you have a favourite corner of the globe you can share with our readers?

THE AMAZON! The world’s largest tropical rainforest and South America’s most beautiful landscapes.

Before leaving Venezuela to join the yachting industry, I went backpacking for eight days to ‘’La Gran Sabana’’ 8km from the Brazilian border.

This National Park has the most amazing and breathtaking views I’ve ever seen in my life.

If you ever go, you must visit the following: Angel Falls (the world’s highest uninterrupted waterfall) and Mount Roraima (which serves as the tripoint of Venezuela, Guyana and Brazil; also the location behind the Pixar movie UP *quick fact*)!

What made you create the Conscious Stew? 

I have slowly started to be more conscious about my environmental impact during the past year, but this year I really decided to commit and  take massive action and responsibility with regards to this issue.

I believe there is NO change if we don’t take action and my way of moving towards doing that was to create a page and share my journey. I really want to use @consciousstew as a tool to help yacht crew to start making changes in their work environment and their lifestyle with day-to-day tips that they can ALL relate to and start implementing.

There is SO MUCH work to be done within our industry and there is no reason why we shouldn’t be aware of the things that are not working as well as they should.

It is time to use social media for the right reasons and provide good content that can open a conversation and can create new ideas to live our life sustainably and save our home: The Earth.

Thanks for spending some time with us again Sam!
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