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Featured soundbites from Chief Officer Jenny Matthews


Did you miss out on our very interesting podcast with Chief Officer Jenny Matthews a few months ago? Upon entering a deck position in luxury yachting, Matthews was shocked with the limited amount of females she was meeting in similar roles. Enter “She of the Sea” the company she started (and now works full time at) to showcase the many accomplished ladies of yachting.

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How did you get started in yachting?

I started 19 when I was 19 actually- that’s when I did my first course. I always knew I wanted to work on deck and was actually encouraged to become a stewardess first and work my way up from there. And then nearly 10 years later I got my officer’s ticket in 2017 and that’s when I really felt the need to create She of the Sea to connect with other women that had shared my story.

What made you want to create this platform?

I felt very supported when I got my Chief Officer ticket- by both male and female peers but had still realized that I hadn’t come into contact with any other females working on deck really. So I started this community as a way for everyone to connect and share stories, support and offer guidance from greenies to master unlimited holders.

Can you share some of your favourite destinations with our readers?

It would be a very hard decision between Norway and the Maldives! I’m an avid diver so the diving is second to none in the Maldives and well, Norway is just Norway! Absolutely fantastic.

What would you be doing if not in yachting today?

Well, I have had a few different careers in the last decade. I was a personal trainer and actually opened a vegan restaurant at one point so probably something in the health and wellness sphere.

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Thanks so much again to Chief Officer Jenny Matthews for her time this month! Check out She of the Sea on Instagram, Facebook and their website!

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