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Spoil Mom with a Luxury Yacht Charter


Looking for the ultimate thank you gift for the mom in your life? Want a sneak peek at what it’s like to spoil mom with a luxury yacht vacation? Take a look at what a day onboard can be like for the person that gives so much to everyone!

6:30: You can’t help but awaken to your normal body clock. It’s just after sunrise and you can feel the sunlight poking through the blinds in your suite. But today isn’t like every other day; today you’re on board a luxury superyacht and you can’t wait to see what’s in store for the day. Feeling a bit peckish and woken by the smell of fresh bread and hot coffee, you give a glance to your sleeping partner and tiptoe out to greet the day.

While the day has barely begun, the crew have been busy getting things prepped for the day. You pass a few deckhands who greet you with a warm smile and make your way to the kitchen. The chef is preparing the breakfast and serves you a delicious cappuccino just the way you like it. “Do you mind if I join you? I love cooking at home” you ask. He of course obliges and before you know it you’re rolling up the last of the croissants with him for breakfast.

8:00: You sneak up to the bow ahead of everyone arising for breakfast. You breathe in deep mouthfuls of the salty sea air. You glance around and see nothing but sunshine and glistening turquoise water for miles. You can’t help but smile at the beauty that surrounds you. The peace and quiet, the complete blank slate that lies ahead – no rules; no schedules; just your family and the sea.

8:30: Everyone is sitting on the aft deck when you make your way back down. Your mug now empty, one of the stewardesses is ready to greet you with a fresh cappuccino, again just the way you like it. You sit down amongst the excited chatter to hear what everyone wants to do for the day. The captain has come down to have a chat and discuss some options. “We can tender over to the deserted island a few nautical miles away; we can go snorkeling along the reef off to the starboard side; you name the toy and we’ve got it – jetskis, paddle boards, water skiing, all can be done. But I’ll leave you to enjoy the delicious breakfast on its way out and you can let me know how we can make this day exactly what you want”. He smiles and slips quietly away.

The breakfast arrives – the fresh croissants you helped to make are accompanied by large bowls of fruit, fresh yogurt, homemade granola and all the fixings for a proper breakfast of bacon, eggs and pancakes. The kids eyes grow wider than their stomachs and dig in.

10:00:   Stomachs full and sunscreen applied, everyone is excited to jump into the inviting water. A few of the braver ones take to the second and third decks to jump overboard. Your husband dives in, followed by your eldest who screams with joy when hitting the water. It’s your turn and you can’t wait to feel the salt water on your skin. A hop skip and a jump and you’re all floating and playing in the water. Bliss.

The toys come out and the kids jump on the jetskis with the crew. You take a paddle board so you can get a closer look at the island, maybe pick a spot out for lunch later.

11:30: Back on board for fresh coconuts from a straw, you head to dry off in the sun loungers on the deck. A cool breeze runs through your hair and you let out a contented sigh. If only every day could start like this!

spoil mom with private paddle board around deserted islands on a superyacht vacation

12:00: A round of gin and tonics are brought out – exactly what you could ask for at the moment – how did they know? The captain wanders over to check in. He’s heard from one of the crew you liked the look of the local island on the paddleboard. They’ve arranged tables and chairs on land and notify you that lunch will be served over there in an hour. You never had to say a word or request a thing – it’s all been taken care of.

13:00: You all climb into the tender to make your way to the island for lunch. Unbroken white sand gets closer and invites you to take a walk and look around. But that will have to wait – an incredible array of food has been laid out for you. Plates of fresh seafood glistening with butter, colourful fresh salads, more fresh bread and homemade oils and dips. One of the crew is waiting, bottle of rosé in hand ready to fill your glass. You sit down, take in the view and smile at your own private yacht anchored mere miles away.

woman sits on private balcony on superyacht enjoying breakfast

14:00: Full and deeply satisfied with lunch, you suggest a walk around the island before the tender will take you back on board. You watch the kids run up ahead splashing and playing in the water. You walk hand in hand with your husband, smiling at the wonderful holiday you’ve sorted for this year. How can we never have done this before you both wonder. You pick a few fresh mangoes off the trees and make your way back to the tender. A simple nod to the deckhand and he’s making his way over.

15:00: Back on board and following a brief sleep in the sunshine, it’s time to get back in the water. There’s a great little reef calling everyone’s name. You are given a selection of masks, snorkels and fins to go exploring. You get pictures of the kids underwater next to bright yellow fish, deep pink coral and even a passing sea turtle. No one else is exploring the same place as you – no queues, no over crowded tourist traps – just you, your family and the world is your oyster.

spoil mom on a yacht charter - white woman is served champagne by a female crew member in a jacuzzi on a yacht

17:00: Time to soothe those muscles before dinner – relaxing is such hard work! You sink into the jacuzzi where the stewardess has left one of those delicious coffees for you. The kids are well looked after with the crew – given a tour of the yacht, pretending to be pirates and learning all of the yacht terms, before retiring to the lounge to play video games before dinner.

18:00: Cocktail hour! Freshly showered and blissfully relaxed, you head up to the top deck to enjoy a cold glass of champagne with slices of that fresh mango you picked up on the island. The soft lighting and smooth jazz playing throughout sets the scene for a delicious dinner to finish off an incredible first day. Not wanting to return you to the same place twice, whilst you were preparing for dinner the yacht has moved to the other side of the island. You can see tikki torches and lanterns flicking across the way. You’re informed the tender will be taking everyone ashore again to enjoy a dinner in the sand followed by a moonlit cruise in the tender.

18:30: You’re brought ashore where the stewardess hands you a glass of cold crisp white wine. Fresh large pieces of grilled tuna await you accompanied by colourful vegetables all glistening with lashings of butter. The kids, sunkissed and chatting happily about their day, begin to dig in. The chef shares a bit about the locally sourced fish and villages they collect the vegetables from. You’re a million miles away from home, the sinking sun casting a lovely pink and orange glow over the horizon.

silhouette of mom and baby at sunset in the water

20:00: Another little walk to help digest after dinner and you come across the nocturnal creatures creeping about – seeing crabs scurrying along the sand, while the kids try to point out the different types of fish they can see from the crystal clear water. It’s time for that cruise. You get in the tender and see the crew have brought hot chocolate for the kids and a little digestif for the adults. Pulling out of the bay, the captain takes you around the full perimeter of the island and while you can’t see much else in the distance, he knows all the hidden delights. You quietly cruise over toward a sandbar that has another incredible snorkel and dive site just off the side. You can see shapes darting around beneath you and wonder excitedly about what you can explore tomorrow.

On your way back to the yacht the captain informs you they’ll weigh anchor at sunrise, cruising to a new bay with new dive sites, new beaches and new excursions for you to enjoy. There’s nothing for you to do – the yacht will be on its way while you’re still snuggled in your soft sheets with the water lapping around you. You’ll lift the curtains in the morning to see a new view, your coffee prepared just the way you like it. On a luxury yacht charter you may create any itinerary you want, but it’s all done for you, with the only goal to enjoy this slice of heaven as long as the real world can. So why not spoil mom this year with the ultimate getaway? Contact us now to start planning!

spoil mom with a luxury yacht getaway - woman and man walking on deserted beach

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