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Meet the Superyacht Captain, Tristan Mortlock!


Welcome to this week’s blog post! Very excited to be able to chat with the infamous “Superyacht Captain” on Instagram who is making waves as a captain on M/Y Awol, as well as creating fantastic content that helps showcase the very best that this luxury yacht industry has to offer. Read on for more with Tristan!

smiling male captain in uniform onboard luxury yacht

How did you get into yachting and ultimately become a captain?

Currently, I’m the captain on M/Y AWOL a San Lorenzo SD122. I’ve been working for this owner for 12 years and started my career in yachting back in 2003 when I was just 17 years old. Life as a captain can be tricky at times but overall I find the role very satisfying and rewarding. The most challenging part of the job that I have to deal with is the complexities of people. We all have our ways of doing things, learning, communicating, good and bad habits and dealing with stressful situations in confined spaces, whilst living with each other. However, through good leadership and good communication within the team, it is possible to run a fun boat with a happy crew whilst at the same time giving the guests the best possible experience. Another huge bonus that we have is the owner, he is a fantastic person to work for, believes in us and trusts us to deliver great experiences to all our charter guests. In my view, a great boat always starts with the owner and the relationship he carries with his captain and crew, from there it just funnels down.

From the age of nine, I was brought up in the South of Spain (Costa Del Sol), When I was sixteen about to turn seventeen I wasn’t doing well in school, I got terrible results and my parents were really worried. My father thought it would be a great idea for me to get a summer job to help me realize what the real world was like outside of school, little did he know that his plan would later backfire. I went to a company called Marina Marbella which are the Spanish dealers for SeaRay, Dominator and many other brands of boats. They also have their own shipyard, technical department and so on. I walked in and just asked for a job, they said yes we need people to clean boats. A few years before this my father had bought a small 18-foot boat for the family to enjoy and we had all done our RYA ICC license. During my 1st day at work, I was busy cleaning a boat when the boss came up to me and asked if my father had a boat, He then asked if I had a boat license, I showed him my certificate, he then said this is great we need you to move some boats around. He gave me the keys to a brand new (out of the box) SeaRay and instructed me to take it from Marbella and deliver it to Puerto Banus. I couldn’t believe my luck, it was a stunning calm June day, I took the boat out of the port and loved every second of the cruise over to Banus. A few hours after I arrived, the boss called me and told me to bring a jet ski back to Marbella. I never went back to school 🙂

What made you want to start creating video content for the yachties out there?

Unfortunately, the superyacht industry does get a lot of negative press, while my experiences onboard have been predominantly positive and the industry has given so much back to me, I wanted to put a positive spin into the yachting world and show people what it can be like to work on a superyacht. The content also gives the possible future crew an insight into what they can expect and what is expected of them.

luxury yacht crew onboard

What do you like to do in your downtime while at sea?

The Super Yacht Captain YouTube channel has really become a huge part of my life, in my downtime, I really enjoy creating content, editing and brainstorming content ideas.

Do you have a favourite corner of the globe you can share with our readers?

I would have to say that Croatia is by far my favourite cruising grounds, it has so much to offer and it has something for everyone. For my personal time, I love road trips in sports cars and I would say that Switzerland has some of the most epic driving roads in the world with the most beautiful scenery you’ve ever seen.

If you weren’t working as a yacht captain, what career would you be in?

Content creator to do with road trips and travel. Producing videos about the best driving roads in the world with all kinds of cars and meeting other enthusiasts along the way.

Thanks so much to Tristan for his time! Check out more on his Instagram and Youtube!

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