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There’s still time to escape to Croatian isles this summer


Croatia is a budding new mecca for yacht vacations with crystal clear waters and white sand beaches. On your next trip to the many Croatian isles, why not do it by yacht? If you’re looking for culture and history without the crowds of the Western Mediterranean, then come and sail the Adriatic Sea. Here, you’ll find islands to play on, cities to explore, and ancient Roman palaces.

Don’t forget the very best aspect of a superyacht charter you can expect: sunny skies, warm water, fresh local cuisine cooked up by your private chef and the utmost privacy onboard. And in this part of the world, that fresh cuisine includes some of the best seafood in the world!

Trogir harbour in Croatia


In this part of the world, it’s inevitable you’ll spend a lot of your time staring down into that green, green water. The clarity here is renowned and it’s easy to pass a lazy hour with an unopened book in hand, looking down on the busy sea life below from the aft deck. Or slap on some snorkel gear and get up close and personal with the many marine life that call these waters home.

Want to see more of this stunning region? Check out our suggested itinerary now and look forward to some incredible destination inspiration!

photo of Croatia harbour from up above with yachts in harbour

Regardless of where you decide to go during your time in Croatia, you can be sure there will be plenty of deserted beaches, amazing local food, a wealth of culture and some fantastic memories to look back on for years to come! Stroll along cobblestone streets dripping in ancient history, stop for a local beer at a side cafe or spend your whole time onboard your floating oasis, watching the crowds from the comfort of the foredeck.

Want to get started planning? Contact us today to get the ball rolling and let’s plan your dream escape to the Croatian isles!

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